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28 December 2012

Historic Sarcasm In a Swedish Newspaper

On Christmas Eve, 24 December 2012, The biggest Swedish newspaper published ”A Christmas card from Jan Lööf” Lööf is the artist that has made the card.

The card show the Swedish Prime Minister and Minister for Finance in a junkyard that is Sweden.

It was only published in the printed paper (as far as I know).

You can find it here

Political satire about Swedish politics, with an edge, is almost unknown. So, when this card is published by Dagens Nyheter it is really interesting. It is also so that the total fuck up of the economy is within Sweden a new insight. The crisis in Sweden began this autumn – according to Swedish media.

The Card

Hallå! Jag önskar alla mänskor en God Jul! :
Hello! I wish all (mänskor (?) humans/people is spelled: människor) a Merry Christmas.

Skrot: junkyard

Svedala: Nickname of Sweden, it is also a town and Municipality in southern Sweden

Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister

Anders Borg, Minister for Finance

Jan Lööfööf


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