Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

16 June 2021

My Letter to Noam Chomsky

This letter to Noam Chomsky is a perfect overview of everything I have written so far.

The letter was sent as e-mail 16 June 2021.

This post is roughly 3 pages A4.

The subject line is:

BEHAVIOUR – How to Finally Dissolve the Concept Behaviour that Hides Conformity and Obedience

Below is the full text.



At first a concrete example.

A main theme of the book by the family of Greta Thunberg called Scenes from the Heart or Our House is on Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis (2020) is the daily struggle against the usually Hidden Static demands of Conformity and Obedience.

This struggle is, for example, called Mobbing. Scene 100 is named “The Price of Being Heard is Hate”.

And for sure Greta's ongoing protest is also about usually Hidden Static ideals that rule the Western world.

And here are some truly great formulations, from this book, under the headline Scene 29. Symbiosis.

… People who have fallen apart like we fell apart, people who are still tattered and torn. Our friends.

The ones who couldn’t keep up the pace.

Those who didn’t fit the mould.

Google Books

You demonstrate with precision how the concept Behaviour – that is currently the base of Psychiatry, Psychology and Sociology – cannot be a base of true Science as this concept regards only the Evidence or the Result of a process.

It is also so as the very definition of this concept is; what others can observe. Accordingly the Dynamic process that results in a Behaviour is Hidden or erased.

The usually missed relation is that the present Western culture is based on Platonism that includes an ideal to wipe out the process to Think or a concrete knowledge of the relations between Cause, Effect and Context.

Accordingly, the present use of the concept Behaviour is a highly essential part of an overall ideal to erase concrete knowledge; in order to force the citizens to take for granted that Conformity and Obedience are the laws of the Nature.

This means also that the concept Behaviour can be used as a fundament of so-called Science in a culture where there is no demand of concrete or true knowledge.

Your insights regarding the concept Behaviour is a theme in Section Three: Command and Control by Provoking Angst.

Ergo, an efficient way to dissolve not only the stupid tradition of the concept Behaviour but Platonism itself is to; talk Openly about the Dynamic process to Think in order to grasp the relations of Cause, Effect and Contest in a concrete manner.

Or like this. As long as there is not a concrete possibility to talk about WHY Behaviour is only a Result will the present terror continue.

If you agree on that it is – somewhat possible – to say that to Think is to combine What We Already Know with What We Want To Know – and to Create an overarching idea or formulation of the new knowledge – then is Platonism dissolved in an intellectual dimension.

These relations are usually called Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis and are the base for the Dynamic process of the Dialogue.

Observe that in the present Western culture it is not possible to reach a Synthesis as to make the combination of What We Already Know and What We Want To Know is a Conflict or a Contradiction.

A vital fundament of the present Western culture or Platonism, is the ban against to solve Contradictions by Thinking.

So, if that is the intellectual dimension there is a need to reach a political dimension.

You are today celebrated as the most distinguished intellectual of the West.

This means in practice that if you don’t Openly express that the human activity to Think – in order to Create Understanding – is concrete and systematic – will the terror of Hidden Conformity and Obedience or Platonism continue to rule the West.

Please read this new chapter to Section Zero: Get Out!

1. The True Function of Thinking is Replaced with Conformity and Obedience – Therefore Wanted the Chief Adviser to the British Prime Minister Weirdos and Misfits – Or – Chomsky, Exactly What Kind of Process Starts in Kinder­garten to Guarantee Conformity and Obedience? – And – Tolstoy Knew It All (sort of)

The Two First Chapters of Get Out!

The relations that I write about above are also specified in a distinct way with The Two HyperEvolutionary Questions.

Today’s so-called Science and Education are dissolved with two fundamental and very precise questions.

The first question regards the concept Logic and is.

Why are Science and Education presently built on the dogma of the Church, that demands; it is impossible to solve Conflicts by Thinking?

The second question regards the tradition of replacing the process to reach Insight with religious violence or what is called Mobbing and is.

Why are Science and Education presently built on that it is according to the laws of the Nature, to reject new Knowledge with Violence; in order to protect established Hierarchic structures?

More about The Two HyperEvolutionary Questions in Intro to The First Book of Hyperdialog: Kick Out the Academic Cult!

Concrete Dynamic Thinking – Dialogues – Dissolves the Terror of Static Hierarchies and the Resulting Conformity and Obedience.

Sincerely yours,

Ola Alexander Frisk


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11 June 2021

Best Intro Even Better

... the job of mainstream intellectuals is to serve as a kind of secular priesthood, to ensure that the doctrinal faith is maintained. …

Noam Chomsky

Google Books

Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky (2002)

To:The Two First Chapters of Get Out!

The earlier presented new version of chapter 1. that will later on be in Get Out! is now updated with seriously fascinating stuff that helps you to grasp the present stupidity in many perspectives.

The full title of the chapter is.

1. The True Function of Thinking is Replaced with Conformity and Obedience – Therefore Wanted the Chief Adviser to the British Prime Minister Weirdos and Misfits – Or – Chomsky, Exactly What Kind of Process Starts in Kinder­garten to Guarantee Conformity and Obedience? – And – Tolstoy Knew It All (sort of)

The Main Contents

The Total Overview: You Are Denied Concrete Connections – You Are Guaranteed Confusion – You Are Forced to Open or Hidden Totalitarianism

Leo Tolstoy Specified Our Hidden Restrictions that are Usually Called Morality and Conventional Wisdom

The British Government Wanted to Employ Weirdos and Misfits in 2020 to Get Out From the Static Deadlock

Dynamic Relations Must be Weird in a Static Culture

A Conclusion So Far

A Shortcut: You are Trained to Justify the Tradition of the Divine Right of Kings that is Camouflaged to be the Base of Science

Chomsky’s Formulations as a Path to Begin to Grasp Platonism

Chomsky’s Critique of the Contemporary Western Culture

It is Official: Pope Benedict XVI Declares that Platonism is Your Culture in 2006

The Usually Hidden Concrete Definition of Moral

The Dualistic Relation of The Divine Right of Kings and The Divine Non-Right of Citizens Transfers the Political Power of the Citizens to the Ruling Élite

The Dualistic Structure Replaces the True Function of Thinking with Obedience

A Simple Way to Define Platonism is to Use the Word Platform

The Dualistic Structure is a Part of The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms that is the Usually Missing Construction of Platonism

You Have Simply Learned that there are Certain Things that it is Not Proper to Say

A Kind of an Overall Conclusion

To:The Two First Chapters of Get Out!

16 April 2021

A Much Better Version of the Intro – When Society is Itself the Tyrant – John Stuart Mill



You are Tricked to be Confined with Hidden Dogmas of the Church that is said to be Reason and Science

To the Intro


The first part of the Intro is improved in this version.

In the beginning is this.

In On Liberty (1859) by John Stuart Mill (1806–1873) are the following formulations.

... "the tyranny of the majority" is now generally included among the evils against which society requires to be on its guard.

Like other tyrannies, the tyranny of the majority was at first, and is still vulgarly, held in dread, chiefly as operating through the acts of the public authorities. But reflecting persons perceived that when society is itself the tyrant …

Chapter I. Introductory.
On Liberty, Project Gutenberg 

The text on the front-page (not changed):

The Academic tradition, that controls Schools and Uni­versities, Mystifies Thinking in order to trick you to take for granted that Reason and Science are about to pre­serve Conformity and Obedience. And of course they deny it.

The effect is, for instance, that you are trained to NOT grasp in a concrete or systematic way how to reach Insights. This worldview that is built to protect Totalitarianism by making the citizens truly stupid is called Platonism.

The root of the terror is that the Academic cult is based on usually Hidden dogmas of the Church that were construc­ted to guarantee the total power of the Military Dictator­ship of the Roman Empire.

The results are, for example, Dis­crimination, Mobbing, Mental Problems, Scapegoat­ing, False Demo­cracy that is usually called Liberal Demo­cracy, Fascism, Com­munism and Nazism.

To the Intro