Gender and racial discrimination, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is that it is possible to suppress the people with false Science or false descriptions of the world; that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

22 March 2023

Essential Interview of Gilbert and George

Gilbert and George

Michael Bracewell

Found the film on The Gilbert & George Centre, that will open soon, see Art For All:

“Our art is the friendship formed between the viewer and the pictures.”
We invite you to be part of our art.
Opening 1 April 2023

Below from ‘Warhol cooked us scrambled eggs. Or was it Rauschenberg?’ – Gilbert and George preserve their greatest moments, Jonathan Jones, The Guardian, 22 March 2023

... The pair started out in the late 1960s, rejecting static objects made for galleries and declaring their own lives and actions to be art instead. “We wanted to be part of the world, not part of the art world,” says George. “We just wandered through London and saw the tube stations, Buckingham Palace, the clubs and the nightlife – and we thought it was an extraordinary world.” In the late 60s, they declared themselves a Living Sculpture and, as Gilbert puts it, “put on the Sunday suits – with metalised heads to make it more visual”. “We became the art,” says George. “We are it! We don’t have to do anything. We don’t have to scratch, or do something. We are it. Even when we walk to dinner, we are it.” ...

14 October 2022

We All Want to Change the World – We Need to Get Rid of Platonism!

Drafts, with a new title, to the upcoming update
on this page.





Shortest so far – Definition of Platonism in 3 Phases

The Overall Message of Platonism in Six Cartoon Frames – You Need to Endure!

Intro to The Core 1: To the Decolonisation Movement: Don't Waste Your Time by Fighting Colonialism – Dissolve Platonism that Makes Colonialism Possible

Intro to The Core 2: Revolution by The Beatles and Atopos by Björk (videos here)

Intro to The Core 4: Platonism – Keeping the Citizens Isolated in a Cave

To The Core

Now is a New Perspective Activated with New Media and New Organisations

The Terror of Education in Platonism

Regarding Swedism

How the Elimination of Dynamic Openings Justify Indifference and Chemical Stoicism

The Experiment Third Wave Exposes The True Terror Of Platonism

To the Drafts


18 July 2022

Platonism is The Hyper Implicit Bias of the Present Western Culture

The new concept The Hyper Implicit Bias is the final touch to get how we are stuck in Platonism and how to Dissolve this sadistic stupidity.

Presentation on the page: The Hyper Implicit Bias

This stuff will be in the upcoming first update of the book How I Escaped From Swedism – You Need To Do It Too!

These pages are as well a sort of total summary of it all.

28 June 2022

Booklet: Stop School Shootings – Stop Platonism

Booklet with extracts from the book How I Escaped From Swedism – You Need To Do It Too!


About this Booklet

School Shootings – It Is All There

The Song Free by Florence + the Machine Shows the Folly of the Dualistic Separation between Science and Art

How The Trick of Nothing is Used in Psychology to Guarantee the Static Terror

Cheat Summary

The First Book of Hyperdialog