Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

26 June 2022

First Version of the New Book

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They hide the rules; so you believe that Freedom is to submit to Obedience and Conformity. You cannot get it as they train you to exclude real understanding.

This hidden restriction is formally called Platonism.

To understand how Platonism zombifies the victims it is helpful to explore the traditions of the Swedes as Sweden is the most affected nation. In short. Swedism is about Platonism in practice.

However, The tip of the iceberg of Platonism is School Shootings that occur mostly and often in the USA.

Stop School Shootings

Stop Platonism

The Big Overarching Map

From the book, page 26.

The map below shows the main and practical differences between the Dynamic traditions of Athens and the Static traditions of Rome or the present Western worldview or Platonism.

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How I Escaped From Swedism – You Need To Do It Too!

09 February 2022

Andra avsnittet av Skarpt Podcast – Lös Upp Den Dolda Lydnaden

Only in Swedish

I serien ”Lös upp den dolda lydnaden” diskuterar och filosoferar SKARPT kring Ola Alexander Frisks texter tillsammans med Christina Grossi och Solomon.

Den andra delen finns på:

Länkar till alla avsnitt kommer att finnas på sidan: Skarpt Podcast

15 September 2021

Read the New Summary with the First Overall Map of Platonism - The Primary Dualistic Structure



Why is there a strong bond between the Church and Conser-vatism as well as between the Church and many Dictators? And why is Hierarchy the same as order?

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This first version is a draft; because I will later on add more material.

Next version will probably include this article as a collection of arguments regarding the mystical national state.

The Right-Wingers Who Admire the Taliban, Michelle Goldberg, The New York Times, 27 August 2021.

And the Occupy movement as an example of Nietzsche's perspective of the slave mentality .

Below is from ‘We showed it was possible to create a movement from almost nothing’: Occupy Wall Street 10 years on, Andrew Anthony, The Guardian, 12 September 2021.

“... The failure to create the demand was a strategic error that was unavoidable based on the prevailing prefigurative anarchism in New York City at that time.”

He’s referring to the anarchist principle, emphasised by Graeber, that the way radicals organise now should reflect the sort of society they want to build in the future. In that idealised society, debate would replace demands. “They wanted to test that out,” says White. “And, congratulations, it did not work.”


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