Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

11 October 2018

They who Believe that to Reject Petitions is According to Democracy are Simply Fooled

This is an example in the upcoming Section Two - Discover and Dissolve The Hidden Slave Rules - check the Teaser


It is difficult to find eye openers that clearly show the Western trick of how Dictatorship is called Democracy; as it usually demands lots of explanations and backgrounds.

But this example is the perfect eye opener.

And from there it is easy to get how the same pattern is used in all other questions.

This example shows how a minister, in a nation that is usually recognised as so called Democratic openly rejects a petition made by thousands of healthcare professionals.

And then became the rejection the same as Democracy and a guarantee of perfect healthcare provided by the political élite.

The then Minister of Health and Social Affairs/ Socialminister Göran Hägglund said the following, about the petition, in the State owned national broadcasting service, Läkarupprop mot brister i svensk sjukvård, Ekot Sveriges Radio, 21 June 2013 in my translation.
… the petition that is made is a repetition of a dark picture that does not fit what Swedish healthcare and hospitals actually delivers, …
The petition was written and managed by the medical doctors (or then possible students) Lollo Makdessi and Märit Halmin and was published in the Swedish medical journal Läkartidningen, owned by the Swedish Medical Association / Sveriges Läkarförbund, under the headline “Petition by Medical professionals for a better healthcare/ Läkarupprop för en bättre sjukvård”, Läkartidningen, 19 June 2013.

So, the background, arguments and the organisation of the petition was for sure well founded.

The rejection by the minister was the end of a promising process. And of course all major Swedish news media presented the Minister’s perspective without any direct or concrete questions.

The demands of the political élite in this affair become the only possible official truth and the petition was accordingly regarded as an unnecessary disturbance of the only correct order.

And from here is it somewhat simple to grasp that the citizens are not able to get in a concrete or systematic manner how they are fooled.

Because the Westerners whole Understanding of Life and the World are sabotaged so they cannot grasp HOW they are fooled in a concrete or systematic manner.

And the area that is all about how to Understand Life and the World is of course called Science.

Here is must be underlined that the real role of the massmedia is also exposed here; to show the citizens what they must Accept and Obey.

Or like this. The message to the citizens was: Do not make any petitions as we will condemn you!

How So Called Science Creates the Illusion of Democracy

A fast, simple and accurate explanation of what is called Science in the current Western culture is that it is according to this false Science; that the perspective of the Ruler or the political élite is the same as the truth or what is called Objective.

Whereas the perspectives of the citizens are called Subjective and is in a formal aspect worthless compared to the perspective of the Ruler.

This means when the victims are trained to take for granted that this false Science is the true perspective of Life and the World are there no concrete possibilities to say anything against the decisions of the Ruler; than perhaps to complain in vain.

Consequently could the minister reject the petition in full accordance with the current accepted traditions of so called Science and so called Democracy.

Where Democracy in practice means to choose between preselected candidates in general elections.

So, it is this usually Hidden relation between the formal perspectives of Objective and Subjective that makes it possible for the political class to command and control their victims as they want.

In practice this means that propaganda about, for example, Science, Democracy and Freedom are directed to the Subjective perspective.

And when the victims wants or needs to use what is promised in the propaganda; it is always possible for the Ruler or the political élite to restrict and condemn the perspective of the citizens.

To comprehend and Dissolve the tradition of Objective and Subjective you need to at first go one level up in order to study the tradition of Dualism that guarantees that the Ruler is always Right.

And then you need to take one more step upwards to grasp the whole tradition of Platonism, that is the formal name of this restricted worldview, and then you will be able to Dissolve the tyranny.

And for sure, as The Hidden Slave Rules are protected by to be called Science it is also possible for the political class to reject any form of protest against the terror of Platonism.

But please remember the problem is not the politicians; the problem is the false Science that legitimises the ongoing terror.

In the upcoming Section Two are all the main relations regarding Objective and Subjective as well as Dualism presented as the fourth Slave Rule in Key № 6 The Hidden Six Slave Rules Called Science.

Check the Teaser with lot of usually Hidden relations.

And in Section One are all relations as a kind of exploration.

Section Two will be a platform to FIGHT, DEFEAT and DISSOLVE the Academic cult that fool the Westerners with corrupt Science in order to suppress and exploit the People.