Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

08 January 2017

An Open Letter To The Artist Donald Trump And The Outsider Activist Betsy Devos

Dear President-elect of the United States Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos announced to be nominated to serve as Secretary of Education,


Artist And Outsider Activist

Let's Face It – The Academic Cult Force The People To Restrict Themselves To Accept How It Is And To Obey

The Outer Layer Of The Current Situation

Kick Out The Academic Cult!

Artist And Outsider Activist

In the book Trump: How to Get Rich (2004) Trump says on page 61.
... I view my work as an art form and approach it with the same intensity and ego as any ambitious artist would. ...
I presume this is another way to say that you have discovered the use of real thinking and not to be restricted by how it is or obey existing open or hidden rules in order to achieve a vision that can be improved during the work.

DeVos says on her site.
I’m an activist. I’m a total outsider to elective office and government, but I’m no stranger to the political process. A citizen volunteer, I have served in local, state, and national offices.
And you both praise the entrepreneur in many ways.

Unfortunately the teachings of the Academic tradition, that has an absolute monopoly of what is said to be Education and Science, is based on to mystify our capacity to Create, Think and Understand in order to force the people to only be able to accept how it is and to obey.

According to the real roots of our civilisation formulated by the ancient Athenians, is Art about what we are able to do and think; and therefore is Art made to be mystical to fit the Academic ideal to make and keep the people stupid.

It is very easy to prove and demonstrate the total terror of the Academic cult by historic facts; this is what I do in my book This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind.

All told, the Academic cult actively denies the concrete functions of both Artists and Activists.

The formal name of this stupidity is Platonism.

And of course, the established political elite and the massmedia support the total stupidity.

This means there is a total ban – called Freedom – on to openly criticise the teachings of the Academic cult, Platonism or to expose the brainwashing of the people made by the false Science that result in a false Democracy.

Let's Face It – The Academic Cult Force The People To Restrict Themselves To Accept How It Is And To Obey

It is about time to trash the culture of Platonism that force the people to be stupid zombies that can only accept how it is and obey.

It is helpful to know that Platonism was made into a tool to brainwash the people by the military dictatorship of the Roman empire, in order to hide the rules of Dictatorship.

In practice this means that the definitions of what today is said to be Science follows the dogmas of the Church, specified in 1277.

For example, the concept Normal, that is central to what is called the Science of Psychology, is a direct use of the dogmas of the Church; and has the hidden meaning of to accept how it is and to obey.

And of course, these dogmas have absolutely nothing to do with the messages of Christ or to follow laws and rules that have been established by a real Democracy.

One simple and extremely precise way to describe many complex relations is that the Academic cult eliminates the crucial dialogue between real Religion and real Science by to base their teachings on usually hidden dogmas of the Church; and to pretend that they make a separation between Religion and Science.

The Outer Layer Of The Current Situation

The outer layer of the current situation is perfectly formulated by Carol Quillen in the article Liberal arts education in the Age of Trump, The Washington Post, 30 December 2016.
The anger that helped GOP nominee Donald Trump win the presidency grew out of frustration with technology and a global economy that left a large swath of Americans behind. Their educational experience did not and does not equip them to adapt to rapidly changing workforce needs. A high school diploma used to assure employment opportunities and often a middle-class income. Those days are a distant memory, and the future trend line only falls more steeply. How many jobs will delivery drones and autonomous vehicles eliminate?

Kick Out The Academic Cult!

As long as the Academics are free to create total terror You will not be able to do anything for real.

So, kick out the Academic cult that has made the Western world into a hell hole; as concrete thinking is crushed by Platonism or Hidden Might is Right.

Kick out the Academic cult, and set up a new organisation for real Education and real Science, and you will not only make America great, you will make the West great; by making every citizen to real Artists or Innovators and real Scientists that are free to improve their lives as well as the whole society.

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Yours sincerely,

Ola Alexander Frisk