Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

31 March 2014


My earlier post was a bit horrible. So, here are some antidotes.

Peter Day's World of Business, BBC : All Together Now. 12 Jan 2012

“In these tough times, are there better ways of doing business: worker cooperatives, for example? In crisis-battered Spain, Peter Day visits the world's biggest worker coop in Mondragon, to find out what makes it different. ...”

Podcast, Duration: 29 min.
(Download: Right click, Save as)

Mondragon Corporation, Wikipedia

Mondragon Corporation

Michael Moore tells the story (almost) very good in his Capitalism: A Love Story (2009). Watch it – it is still meaningful.

Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore

And by the way. The concept “social” like in social business is usually misunderstood. They what you to believe it is about to follow their rules.

“Origin of SOCIAL, Middle English, from Latin socialis, from socius companion, ally, associate; ... First Known Use: 14th century.”

Social business

30 March 2014

Market TerrorCracy

Cheap Thrills explains the Western perspective of life.

Cheap Thrills (film)

And compare to:

Why America's poisonous politics makes 'Market Leninism' an attractive alternative, John Avlon, The Telegraph 29 Mar 2014

John Avlon

Avlon refer to:
What’s gone wrong with democracy, The Economist

Regarding the concept 'Market-Leninism':
China Sees 'Market-Leninism' as Way to Future, Nicholas D. Kristof, September 6, 1993