Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

12 November 2015

@Snowden A Vital Question: Are You aware of that You support MIGHT IS RIGHT and then complain about the results?

The headline of this post, with link, was tweeted @Snowden, 12 November 2015.

However, this is probably not the same as to send a message to him directly. If you know him, please tell him about my message.

Dear, Edward Snowden!

At first, I do appreciate what you have done. So, please do not misinterpret my intentions of my question and this letter to you.

In the end you will hopefully get that I put my question to you in order to facilitate the process to reach the mega gigantic change; that I assume you support.

Unfortunately, I am rather sure of that you, like most other citizens of the West, are not aware of that you in fact support what you want to get rid of.

Or like this: You freeze the water when you want to boil eggs.

For example, in your tweet of 13 October 2105 you refer to the Golden Rule and call it Social justice. You say:

I do agree on the necessity of the Golden Rule like in, for example, what is said in Matthew 7:12. Here in the New Century Version.

Do to others what you want them to do to you. ...

Many versions of Matthew 7:12

Our super massive problem of today is that messages like the Golden Rule, regardless of formulation, cannot be understood in the Western tradition in a concrete or a scientific manner.

The Golden Rule can only be understood in a religious or mystical way.

It is like this because the Western tradition is based on to eliminate a concrete or scientific understanding of Dynamic relations.

In the so called science of the Western tradition Dynamic relations are broken up, to static fragments, by the principle of Dualism; in order to guarantee that only what already exist and the demands of the rulers can be the only possible truth.

Or like this. What the ruler demands to be separated must remain separated. Anyone that says something else can only be wrong or insane.

This means in practice, if you say that you are able to understand the world from the perspective of someone else; you are at risk to be diagnosed to have serious mental disorders in accordance with the so called science of the Western tradition.

In short, the Golden Rule, that is much older than the Western tradition, is today a perfect proof of the total insanity of our current culture.

The Western worldview, that is based on Might Is Right, was constructed to eliminate the real foundations of our civilisation that is based on Understanding Is Right as it was used and formulated by the ancient Athenians.

Remember, real Democracy is an invention made by the ancient Athenians. Real Democracy is both a function of Understanding is right and a protection of Understanding is right.

One of the consequences of Might is right is that the rulers and guardians of such a system must – correctly – consider that any citizen must be a threat to this form of suppression and exploitation of all the citizens.

Consequently, total surveillance of everyone is a wise precaution to guarantee the static stability; that is the only possible ideal of Might is Right.

All in all, total surveillance is NOT the problem. Total Surveillance is only an effect of Might is right; where the Golden Rule has no real value or content.

The problem is the worldview of Might is right, that is protected and promoted by the Academic tradition; that have state monopoly of so called education and so called science.

And of course the ideal of Might is right and to eliminate real thinking and real understanding with the principle of Dualism generates many, many, other problems.

There is more about the Golden Rule and Dualism in Chapter

Dualism Is The Main Instructive Pattern Of The False Science Of The Western Worldview

that is in the Teaser in the margin of this blog.

Yours sincerely,

Ola Alexander Frisk


Also: Snowden Reveals Much More Than Total Surveillance, 5 October 2013.

11 November 2015

Jeremy Clarkson Defines Cause, Effect and Context

At least, I use Clarkson's joke to explain Cause, Effect and Context in the new chapter in the Teaser: Overview Of The Main Concepts Of The False Western Science

02 November 2015

Today I have Reported to The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court about the Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Network or the Cartel of the Academic tradition

Update 27 September 2020

Answer from the International Criminal Court 4 April 2016


Preliminary Answer to the International Criminal Court 27 September 2020

All my communication with the ICC is on this page

International Criminal Court


Crimes against humanity are, for instance, genocide and apartheid is regulated by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, as PDF at the at ICC.  This law is in practice managed by the International Criminal Court, ICC in The Haag, The Netherlands. It is also so that what may be called brainwashing is specified as a crime against humanity.

Here is my letter to The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, that is mainly established on the chapter, in the Teaser; The Main Evidence - Today's So Called Science Is Based On The Dogmas Of The Church In Order To Guarantee Might Is Right.

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