Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

28 December 2012

Historic Sarcasm In a Swedish Newspaper

On Christmas Eve, 24 December 2012, The biggest Swedish newspaper published ”A Christmas card from Jan Lööf” Lööf is the artist that has made the card.

The card show the Swedish Prime Minister and Minister for Finance in a junkyard that is Sweden.

It was only published in the printed paper (as far as I know).

You can find it here

Political satire about Swedish politics, with an edge, is almost unknown. So, when this card is published by Dagens Nyheter it is really interesting. It is also so that the total fuck up of the economy is within Sweden a new insight. The crisis in Sweden began this autumn – according to Swedish media.

The Card

Hallå! Jag önskar alla mänskor en God Jul! :
Hello! I wish all (mänskor (?) humans/people is spelled: människor) a Merry Christmas.

Skrot: junkyard

Svedala: Nickname of Sweden, it is also a town and Municipality in southern Sweden

Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister

Anders Borg, Minister for Finance

Jan Lööfööf

24 December 2012

Julian Assange - December 2012

Julian Assange: the fugitive
"Julian Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy for six months. In a rare interview, we ask the WikiLeaks founder about reports of illness, paranoia – and if he'll ever come out"
 "Sweden refuses to behave like a reasonable state. It refuses to give a guarantee that I won't be extradited to the US." But Sweden says the decision lies with the courts, not the government. "That is not true," he snaps. "It is absolutely false. The government has the final say." If he's right, and it really is as unequivocal as that, why all the legal confusion? "Because there are enormous powers at play," he says, heavy with exasperation.
Decca Aitkenhead
The Guardian, Friday 7 December 2012

Banking black hole - The Real One

BBC, In the Balance, Banking black hole
First broadcast: Saturday 22 December 2012
Duration: 28 minutes

14 September 2012

More pages in Swedish + New date

New date for hunger strike is 29 th March 2013

New section in Swedish about Angst creation and how they control us with angst


16 July 2012

Very good stories that explains the ongoing maelström – and that – the economy is NOT the real problem

Our real problem is - the western tradition of thought - that prevent us from real thinking; according to the fundamentals that the ancient Greeks gave us - that is the base for the western civilisation.

However, here and there are vital fragments of dynamic insights - listen to what Niall Ferguson says.

Niall Ferguson asks what constitutes a vibrant and independent civil society in Part 4 of The Rule of Law and Its Enemies: 2012 - Civil And Uncivil Societies

All parts are great - especially the last

The Reith Lectures

Niall Ferguson

And here are words that pinpoint the black hole – that is today.

The London riots 2011 from the inside

2011 England riots

'I broke the law and paid the price. But what I learned in prison fills me with dread if the rioters rampage again'

"He disgraced the  war dead - and his Pink Floyd father  - when he swung from the Cenotaph. Here he breaks his silence to apologise ... and to deliver a grim warning" Charlie Gilmour, 7 July 2012

Charlie Gilmour

Banksy's war on London: in pictures

"Banksy's One Nation Under CCTV mural was painted just off Oxford Street, London's commercial centre. It was painted over by Westminster Council shortly afterwards"

This global financial fraud and its gatekeepers

"The media's 'bad apple' thesis no longer works. We're seeing systemic corruption in banking – and systemic collusion" Naomi Wolf , 14 July 2012

How Big Banks Run the World - at Your Expense 

Gar Alperovitz,  professor of political economy, 08 June 2012

He refer to:Victoria Grant

Why is Nobody Freaking Out About the LIBOR Banking Scandal?

Matt Taibbi, July 3, 2012

"But to me what’s missing from all of this is the “Holy Fucking Shit!” factor."

Cowboy bankers

In the Balance

8 July 2012

"As a criminal enquiry opens into bank rate-rigging, Lesley Curwen and her guests debate whether banks have lost sight of their true purpose, and whether the solution involves cutting bonuses and addressing conflicts of interest."

"This week's guests are Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics at Duke University, author Clark McGinn who worked for 20 years at Royal Bank of Scotland, and Henrietta Royle, an ex-banker and Chief Executive of consultancy Fanshawe Haldin."

About a  whistleblower within the banking system

A whistleblower emerges from the shadows, Rick Rothacker

"For nearly three years, as Kyle Lagow struggled to find work and his finances crumbled, he kept a secret from nearly everyone he knew, including his wife: He was a whistleblower."  Jul 13, 2012

Imagining the Unthinkable The Disastrous Consequences of a Euro Crash

Part 1:  The Disastrous Consequences of a Euro Crash
Part 2:  Companies Envision Possible Scenarios
Part 3:  'Consequences of Disaster Would Spread Like a Tidal Wave'



Interview with Jean-Claude Juncker
'Europe Will Either Succeed or Fail Together' 07/16/2012

Jean-Claude Juncker

Europe’s Great Illusion
Paul Krugman, July 1, 2012

Stiglitz: It's the politics, stupid!

June 29 2012

" - There are no grounds for optimism when it comes to the euro zone crisis, politicians and voters lack the solidarity and will to fix it, says Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz."

"Joseph Stiglitz Sees Terrifying Future for America If We Don't Reverse Inequality. What will life look like down the road if we don't reverse economic inequality? We must see through the myths of capitalism and build a mass movement if we are to save ourselves."

How the Garbage Pickers of Athens Predicted the Greek Economic Crisis

Jennifer Hattam, 020712

The Sharp, Sudden Decline of America's Middle Class

"They had good, stable jobs - until the recession hit. Now they're living out of their cars in parking lots." Jeff Tietz, June 25, 2012

Gunmen set fire to Microsoft office in Athens

27 June 2012

"The head of Microsoft Greece, Ernst-Jan Stigter, says gunmen rammed a van packed with gas canisters into the tech giant's Athens headquarters, before they set the vehicle on fire. The attack happened in the early hours of Wednesday, and no staff were at work. According to police at least two people wielding pistols and a machine gun kept security guards away as they carried out the attack."

The Life and Ideology of The New Terrorists

Corriere della Sera, 12 July 2012

“This is war, not a game of cards”. Militant enthuses: “They got the guns out in Greece. It was great”. Institutions and “peace-loving” reformers targeted”

Spray Paint and Foment: Street Art from Athens

Jun 19, 2012

30 June 2012

Big Brother or little gnome?

From Our Own Correspondent, BBC, 26 June 2012

"... The line between state oversight and interference can be a fine one; and the same system which can provide generous benefits might also insist on similarly high levels of co-operation. Jo Fidgen is in Sweden, where a sort of 'Big Brother' is watching you, even in your own home. But she finds that even this level of supervision seems to some a way to find freedom through big government, via the Swedish welfare state – or the "People’s Home", as its taxpayers prefer to put it."


Player, Begins 0:04.40

09 June 2012

Last Call For Departure From the Western Terror

#anonymous #globalrevolution #globalspring #indignados #occupy #ows

Some words and links to gear up

- Intro: The Missing Substance – To The Ongoing Global Protests – 1789, 1848, 1968, 1989 and Now 2012

- Shortcut to get what it is all about

Beginning of the stuff that I soon will publish

Intro: The Missing Substance – To The Ongoing Global Protests – 1789, 1848, 1968, 1989 and Now 2012

The Hidden Historical Facts, The Crucial Question Reveal How It Is

We believe we can think and talk freely. We can not. Hidden rules cut out real thinking. These rules were made by the church in the middle ages to force people to be obedient. These concealed rules still control us. Therefore, we can feel frustration – but can’t find a way out – because the system is made to work this way. You have, simply, no words or relations that can give any real meaning. You can complain. But you can’t form the next step. Every alternative to what is established is doomed to be regarded as stupid. This system, this vicious circle – where Might is the only Right – is usually called the Western tradition of thought or the Western mind-set.

When we have gotten rid of these hidden rules we will be able to take care of our opportunities and of each other.

The Real Enlightenment has begun – to reach real thinking, real science, real democracy and to end the suffering that The Western Curse ignites.


The rest will follow in same days.

I will also publish the first chapters to a new section in my Swedish book:.Så knullar staten Din själ / This Is How The State Fuck Your Mind,

Shortcut to get what it is all about

You get the most of it in the famous interview of Martin Heidegger:

Martin Heidegger, Der Spiegel Interview
Rudolf Augstein and Georg Wolff
23 September 1966; published May 31 1976.

Martin Heidegger (1889–1976)

-Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

There can not be any doubt that Heidegger was the last, so-called philosopher, in the western tradition. In this interview Heidegger pinpoint the wall – what he – and we – refuse to talk about. This is the ”Geworfensein” – the word Heidegger invented to catch that we are thrown out of our own lives – because we are forced to not talk about the essential stuff.


Update 17 June 2012: Here is a good example of the accepted hidden relations. Björk has this introduction to her new album Biophiliaörk

The result of terror – denial – can only be suffering – and the turmoil of today. So, I cut up the wall of taboo – and the Western mindset will be gone.

Read the latest The Economist, Jun 9th 2012. They have a perfect cartoon of the ship “The World Economy” sinking. The World Economy IS of course the western tradition of thought or the western mind-set – what else can it be – we are sinking – because we are trained to be like stones.

Only the cartoon

Short description of how they made the Western mind-set by trashing our ability to grasp dynamics. Or this is how Aristotle was, and are, censored:

Get Rid of Our Final Taboo! – The Human Ability to Create is Thinkable

Also Here

- Probably down below - do not click

25 MAY 2012
The Imperial Downfall - And As Usual There Are No Fucking Barbarians That Can Take Care Of It All

09 MAY 2012
The best about Here and Now - 2012 - The Foundation

07 June 2012

Science Fiction Turns To Real Terror

At first there is a very, very, nice movie WITH Ray Bradbury at The Hyperpicture

Update: Ray Bradbury, The Art of Fiction No. 203, Interviewed by Sam Weller, The Paris Review, Spring 2010, No. 192
"You can’t learn to write in college. It’s a very bad place for writers because the teachers always think they know more than you do—and they don’t. They have prejudices."

Then there is this real art turns to real agony gem:

On the Natural History of Surveillance
Adam Rotstein, 6 June, 2012

Rotstein links to:
Surveillance in Science Fiction

06 June 2012

The Julian Assange Show: Cypherpunks

5 June 2012

Good marketing: Dangerous Liaisons: Assange guests targeted in FBI sting

5 June 2012

01 June 2012

Get More Bost and Cutler - Now!

Mike Bost explosion: One of the best political rants you’ll ever see: "Illinois state Rep. Mike Bost’s (R) explosion on the floor of the Illinois state House may go down in history as one of the great political rants of all time." Aaron Blake, 053012

Mike Bost

Ivor Cutler (1923–2006)

Looking for Truth with a Pin (Ivor Cutler Documentary) [1/6]

25 May 2012

The Imperial Downfall - And As Usual There Are No Fucking Barbarians That Can Take Care Of It All

… there are no barbarians any longer

Now what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?

Those people were a kind of solution.

Constantine Cavafy

In BBC Magazine, 25 May 2012, there is a good text that compare today with the fall of the Roman Empire (- i.e. it can´t be hidden any more).

Viewpoint: The time Britain slid into chaos, The social unrest, economic gloom and austerity in Europe today mirrors one of the greatest crises in British history, says the historian Michael Wood.

The same day, 25 May 2012, in The Wall Street Journal: New signs of a global slowdown are darkening the economic outlook.


Update 19 July 2012: America's fascination with the apocalypse
BBC, 19 July 2012

Update 17 June 2012: The Perils of Ignoring History -This Time, Europe Really Is on the Brink, A Commentary by Niall Ferguson and Nouriel Roubini 12 June 2012
The European Union was created to avoid repeating the disasters of the 1930s, but Germany, of all countries, has failed to learn from history. As the euro crisis escalates, Berlin should remember how the banking crisis of 1931 contributed to the breakdown of democracy across Europe. Action is urgently needed to stop history from repeating itself.

Update 25 May 2012: Theresa May: we'll stop migrants if euro collapses - The Government is drawing up plans for emergency immigration controls to curb an influx of Greeks and other European Union residents if the euro collapses, the Home Secretary discloses today.


However, the ultimate text about this topic is Waiting for the Barbarians by Constantine Cavafy (1863–1933).

Text: Waiting for the Barbarians

W. H. Auden has/had also some good points.

Text: The Fall of Rome

But, back to Cavafy, to reach out for the full story - Ithaka:

When you set sail for Ithaca,
wish for the road to be long,
full of adventures, full of knowledge.

Please, note that the translation in the video is much better.

Text: Ithaka

Constantine Cavafy (1863-1933)

The Cavafy Archive website

W. H. Auden (1907-1973)

Roman Empire

Ithaca or Ithaka

Odysseus, king of Ithaca


09 May 2012

The best about Here and Now - 2012 - The Foundation

Photo: David Shankbone
Occupy Wall Street September 28, 2011

Here is the best that has been written about Europe right now - so far - and what I know of. Even if it is was written almost one year ago – but nothing has changed since then.

"... The young protesters' demands are modest. They want more citizen involvement, a reform of voting rights and curbs on the power of banks. One of the protest signs reads: "We are not against the system. The system is against us."
... It is also Europe's current state that prompts Frenchmen like Julien Boyer to head out to the Place Bellecour in Lyon every evening at 7 p.m. "The free republic," one of the banners reads. Phrases like "Let's be outraged!" "They're our banks!" and "Democracy 2.0" appear on other banners ...
 ... "One of the old officers said to me: Our revolution was easy. We had one enemy: the Portuguese government and the dictator. But who are you fighting?" ..."

From:  Fighting (for?) Europe - How European Elites Lost a Generation

"The European Union is in bad shape. Not only is the common currency in a shambles and the economies of many member states moribund, but young Europeans no longer see how the EU helps them. Millions of them are taking to the streets to demand a future. By Spiegel Staff" 230611

Read it all:

And more:

Spiegel Interview with Francis Fukuyama 'Where Is the Uprising from the Left?'

”Political scientist Francis Fukuyama was once the darling of American neo-conservatives. In a SPIEGEL interview, the author of "The End of History" explains why he now believes that the excesses of capitalism are a threat to democracy and asks why there is no "Tea Party on the left." 020112

Those Revolting Europeans
Paul Krugman, 060512

”The French are revolting. The Greeks, too. And it’s about time.”

Outrage against Apathy - Occupy Movement Hopes for New Lease on Life

By Wiebke Hollersen, 050312

"The Occupy movement got off to a great start last fall, but living in a tent camp seemed less attractive during the Northern European winter. Now that spring is back, activists are hoping for a protest renaissance. But the loose-knit group still needs to figure out what it actually stands for."

In Sweden they produce strange arguments - to hide the simple fact that the protests are censored - deemed to be political incorrect. For example:
 “Betydelsen av att vara indignerad, I Sydeuropa har proteströrelserna engagerat hundratusentals människor. "Los indignados" kallas rörelsen som enar de som upprörs över hur den ekonomiska utvecklingen drabbar gemene man, samtidigt som demokratin hamnar på undantag när teknokrater tar över rodret. Hedvig Weibull om varför rörelsen hamnat i skymundan i svenska medier”
Sveriges radio, Kulturnytt, 250412

25 April 2012

Why Nations Fail (or prosper) - Enjoy The Lecture!

Here is the link to to a very good lecture about: Why Nations Fail and down below is about the book the lecturer, has co-written.

To the video that is in my place for such stuff: Hyperpicture

20 May 2012 Update

The New York Review of Books

Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty
by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson

By Jared Diamond, June 7, 2012

Diamond´s final remark:
Why Nations Fail should be required reading for politicians and anyone concerned with economic development. The authors’ discussions of what can and can’t be done today to improve conditions in poor countries are thought-provoking and will stimulate debate. Donors and international agencies try to “engineer prosperity” either by foreign aid or by urging poor countries to adopt good economic policies. But there is widespread disappointment with the results of these well-intentioned efforts. Acemoglu and Robinson pithily diagnose the cause of these disappointing outcomes in their final chapter: “Attempting to engineer prosperity without confronting the root cause of the problems—extractive institutions and the politics that keeps them in place—is unlikely to bear fruit.”