Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

03 November 2013

The Wall Disappears

Väggen försvinner / The Wall Disappears

A new perspective by me and my friend Johanna Ovelius Gustavsson.

You are not stupid - It’s the state and the schools that make you ignorant.


Description of THE WALL and presentation of our course

In English

På svenska

23 October 2013

Homeland Teaches You – To Be Obedient – To Fear the Political Elite

They give you the message everywhere they can. You cannot miss it. And at the same time they can say it is just entertainment.

In Season 3, Episode 4 of "Homeland," titled "Game On". "Carrie" Mathison, (Claire Danes) meets Leland Bennett (Martin Donovan), a lawyer who gives her following arguments.
Bennett: You know how this works. You said so yourself. 
Carrie: Meaning what?  
Bennett: Are you familiar with the term Controvercialize?  
Carrie: No.  
Bennett: That’s what they are doing to you. They turn you into a story. … You are a liability to a lot of people that have a lot to lose. So far, they have kept your name out of the press. But how long will you think that’s gonna last? And what happens then? I tell you what. You are destroyed. … And in a six month or a year if you have not killed yourself by then. They’ll do it for you. You are naive to think they will not. You will slip in the shower. They will force feed you Lithium until the heart stops, and they’ll hang you in a doorknob and call it suicide.

That is how they produce Scapegoats and make them disappears in one way or the other.

A search on SUICIDE + WHISTLEBLOVER give interesting results

Like these:

List of whistleblowers

JPMorgan Chase Whistleblower: 'Essentially Suicide' To Stand Up To Bank, Loren Berlin, 05/07/2012


Game On (Homeland), Original air date: October 20, 2013

Homeland (TV series)

Lithium (medication)


05 October 2013

Snowden Reveals Much More Than Total Surveillance

Updated (language fix):  13 November 2015

It is not the recently disclosed total surveillance that is interesting. The real thing is the answer to: Why seams any argument valid that is based on mistrust of the citizens?

This question and its answer highlight what is deemed to be a taboo – in a world where it is proclaimed that we are able to talk openly about everything.

It is political incorrect and a taboo to ask fundamental questions that reveal what the political élite and the academic tradition will not talk about. Two examples, of such questions, are: What precisely is democracy? and How is it possible to create knowledge in any science? You simply cannot give a concrete answer to these and many other fundamental questions within the Western tradition of thought.

The Western tradition of thought, was constructed to protect that Might Makes Right/Might Is Right.

Consequently, it is only possibly is to obey. Therefore, any argument that you are a threat to law and order is valid. Or to be even more precise any argument that proves that you are wrong, if you put the established order to question, is valid.

Thus, you cannot object to: total surveillance.

Of course you can try to find any argument against it. But, all your arguments will be futile, lame and lack any value or power.

The substance of the word Subject, or Subjectivity, underlines this simple truth.

“… from Latin subjectus one under authority … literally, to throw under, from sub- + jacere to throw …”

Merriam-Webster, Origin of SUBJECT,

Please, listen carefully to Snowden, listen to what he really says in the first great interview. Down below are some of the best.

"… But over time that awareness of wrongdoing sort of builds up and you feel compelled to talk about. And the more you talk about the more you're ignored. The more you're told its not a problem until eventually you realize that these things need to be determined by the public and not by somebody who was simply hired by the government. ..."

"… NSA and intelligence community in general is focused on getting intelligence wherever it can by any means possible. It believes, on the grounds of sort of a self-certification, that they serve the national interest. ..."

"… I think that the public is owed an explanation of the motivations behind the people who make these disclosures that are outside of the democratic model. ..."

"… if you realize that that's the world you helped create and it's gonna get worse with the next generation and the next generation who extend the capabilities of this sort of architecture of oppression, you realize that you might be willing to accept any risk and it doesn't matter what the outcome is so long as the public gets to make their own decisions about how that's applied. …"

The interview in text

Edward Snowden, Wikipedia

The NSA files, The Guardian

Some More

NSA 'exceeded Orwell's imagination' - Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger says depth of NSA surveillance programs greatly exceeds anything the 1984 author could have imagined, The Guardian, 230913.

Freedom of Information, A British newspaper wants to take its aggressive investigations global, but money is running out, by Ken Auletta, The New Yorker, 071013.

Especially funny: “You’re an editor, but you have a responsibility as a citizen as well.”

12 September 2013

Hur politikerna blev allsmäktiga med hjälp av den akademiska traditionen

Finns nu på:


Hur politikerna blev allsmäktiga med hjälp av den akademiska traditionen

Du ska tvingas till att vara fri – exakt så – står det i den bok som eliten säger är stommen för samhället och ditt liv. Det är även så att tvånget ska vara dolt. Grunden för vad de kallar för exempelvis psykologi, sociologi och demokrati är alltså att Du ska t-v-i-n-g-a-s till att vara fri.

Jag visar, med maktens egna ord, HUR deras terrortrick fungerar.


Kunde liksom inte låta bli.


Nya uppgifter kräver ny taktik – hungerstrejk först när jag har många läsare

Jag har tidigare satt olika datum för en hungerstrejk för att lösa upp alla band mellan den akademiska traditionen och staten. Jag tror fortfarande att det är en bra idé hungerstrejka. Men, sättet att genomföra har förändrats på grund av vad jag nu har skrivit. Nu visar jag på sammanhang som direkt berör vår vardag. Det medför att det nya materialet kan röra upp heta känslor. När det samtidigt är få som öppet vågar tala och skriva om vad som kan bevisas; är det för farligt att ensam protestera offentligt.

09 April 2013

The End in Two Versions: Brittsommar´s The Machine Stops and The Idea of Productivity Has Transformed

"The Painter" is off the forthcoming Brittsommar album, The Machine Stops.

Brittsommar gives us the end in a perfect lucid Wagnerian fashion.

However the end is not the end of the machine; but the very end of the perspective to consider that humans are like machines. It´s about the End of The Western Mindset.

BBC´s Peter Day, gives the same message, in a different perspective,  in two sections of his World of Business show.

Day explains, what is usually hidden by the political élite; the very idea of productivity has changed. If the political class stick to facts - everything must change - the so called democracy and science must turn to the real stuff.

And by the way. The ongoing financial crisis began with to make up - for the missing productivity - that the current construction of our world needs to work.

Therefore what Day explains, so great, is extremely vital to grasp.

Links to podcast-version of  Day´s World of Business

Productivity Puzzle 04 April 2013

“The UK economy is in a quandry: employment is rising but the productivity of its workforce is not. Behind the numbers, Peter Day tries to explain this puzzle and why it matters.”

Duration: 28 minutes.

Download 13MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

Race Against the Machine 30 March 2013

Duration: 27 minutes.

“Peter Day talks with the authors of the book Race Against the Machine and finds out what the rise of the robots is going to mean to all of our lives.”

Download 13MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

21 February 2013

Where are we now? Just walking the dead - The fucking WALL is still there! - They say it is: Intellectual Emptiness

Bowie sings NOT, only, about Berlin. Bowie take us to ourselves where we are now: Just walking the dead.
The wall is still there, you know.

Where are we now, asks David Bowie in his new single. The Guardian's former Berlin correspondent helps him identify key Berlin landmarks in his video
Helen Pidd ,The Guardian, 8 January 2013

In the next phase there will be more than 20.000 that will cross the bridge with their fingers crossed. Just in case.

The moment you know, you know.

If you want the same message with more words read this slowly:

Intellectual Emptiness: Paris Summit Proves Europe Needs New Thinkers

By Ullrich Fichtner, Spiegel, 02/06/2013
“It was billed as a major summit of Europe's top intellectual icons, whose brilliance would light the path toward solving the Continent's crises. But, if anything, the recent powwow in Paris on the future of Europe only proved that it badly needs new thinkers.”
Fichtner ends his report with these proficient words.
“And how should we react to those who are constantly telling us about gloom and doom scenarios or quoting Goethe and Shakespeare? We should stick out our tongues or thumb our noses at them.”

Julia Kristeva

Bernard-Henri Lévyévy

Umberto Eco

György Konrádörgy_Konrád

Peter Schneider

However, before anything new, we need to get rid of the fucking Wall, goddamn it.

The Wall is made of CENSORSHIP: by journalists, the political élite and the so-called academics. When their static culture from hell, based on total obedience, is gone. Then, we can restart our civilisation.

If you want to regain, or to get the meaning of life; for that not yet existing culture. Take this..Observe this stuff demands that you are immersed into the sound.

If you don't know them yet. They are something like Radiohead + Röyksopp + Prince x Björk x The Knife x Yes + and on top of that a teaspoon of Fleetwood Mac

24 January 2013

New stuff (in Swedish)

Lättläst och hårdsmält - sammanfattning av berättelsen

Vad det hela handlar om - Tjugosju sidor med öppningar till en annars sluten värld

Och fyra miniposters: Deras djävla skitsamhälle - är snart borta

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Vad det hela handlar om

Deras djävla skitsamhälle - är snart borta