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09 November 2005

Get Rid of Our Final Taboo!


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The following invitation to read about Hyperdialog, was posted with same variations, 04 - 06 Nov. 2005, at:


NOEMA - Tecnologie e Società / Technologies and Society
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Get Rid of Our Final Taboo!

- The Human Ability to Create is Thinkable

Hyperdialog, Beta 01
Condensed Presentation of
Hyperdialog, Beta 01
Part 1: The Fundamentals
Ola Alexander Frisk

Text, 22 pages, as pdf-file at Download Page

Hyperdialog is about to scrap the tradition to not tolerate things, others, ideas or situations that seems to create "conflicts" that are unacceptable, unusable or impossible. Hyperdialog is also about our need of contradictions and the process of dialog that we use to reach new ideas or understandings.

Hyperdialog is an effort to try to make it possible to grasp our abilities to understand dynamics in a functional way. The traditional ways to talk about the process of dialog are usually difficult to follow.

Contradictions and the process of dialog are often reflected in contemporary art. I hope to get in contact with them that are interested in art and can see the possibilities when the dialog is regarded as non-mystical.

As the title indicates this is an experiment (beta 01). I hope to get comments and ideas from readers. Especially stuff that will lead to a next possible step.

Please note: This is not an academic book in the sense that here are explanations according to established traditions; which can be said to be the main pattern of an academic book. The aim here is to reflect the possibilities to grasp dynamics with our ability to think - from the perspective of the foundations of our culture. Foundations that was raised long before the "modern" academic tradition began and become a part of the taboos that we now have to struggle with. Yes, this book tries to re-understand fundamental ideas about our abilities.

The main content of this text are from a book in the Swedish language that present the foundations of Hyperdialog.

Part 2: Will present functions and processes of the dialog
Part 3: Present current and earlier traditions and ideas of dynamics and the process of dialog