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21 May 2016

Mathematics Is Not Restricted – It Is The Western Worldview That Is Restricted

Our history of Static horror is fascinating to follow in this splendid BBC Documentary, High Anxieties: The Mathematics of Chaos from 2008 written and produced by Mark Tanner and David Malone that also is the presenter.

Watch this perfect documentary that exposes the gap between what a few real scientists try to say and what you are trained to believe; that your world must be Static, in order to force you to obey. And they they fool you to believe that Science is the final evidence of that the world is Static.

Usually is information about mathematics either boring or super silly. Here you get an overview as well as interesting details.

Mathematics is just a tool and therefore there are no restrictions other than the user's perspective. Unfortunately, mathematics has so far mostly been used to justify the Static stupidity of the West by making mathematics mystical.

Dynamic relations cannot be understood in a Static perspective. Therefore there is a lot of hidden information in the works of some of the brightest mathematicians.

Or like this. What is called Chaos in a Static system is a total failure, but Chaos in a Dynamic system is only a beginning, change or a transformation; you have just to read about the god Chaos in the ancient Greek mythology to get that simple fact.

Three-body problem

Uses of the concept Chaos

Uses of the concept Tipping point

The concept the Butterfly effect

Probably almost in order of appearance

Henri Poincaré (1854–1912)

Aleksandr Lyapunov (1857–1918)

Paul Ormerod

June Barrow-Green

Peter Cox

David Ruelle

James Lovelock

See also: The Appearance of SUDDEN CHANGE in a Static Universe


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