Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

18 October 2017

The Daemon Divide – Regarding Google's DeepMind Project

David Silver, AlphaGo’s lead researcher, says:
It’s more powerful than previous approaches because by not using human data, or human expertise in any fashion, we’ve removed the constraints of human knowledge and it is able to create knowledge itself, ...
'It's able to create knowledge itself': Google unveils AI that learns on its own,  Ian Sample, The Guardian, 18 October 2017.

 DeepMind, Wikipedia, Official site

It is allowed to develop machine learning, but not human learning, in order to keep you an eternal prisoner in Plato’s cave; always ready to be suppressed and exploited.

So, it will get worse, much worse until the Academic cult and their hidden religious dogmas are dissolved.

Here is a preview of upcoming pages in The Ghost of Dictatorship where I present The Daemon Divide.

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04 October 2017

King Felipe VI of Spain Offers a Fast Introduction to Platonism and the Current Western Confusion

Yesterday, October 3, His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain addressed his people regarding the Catalan independence movement.

He said, for example, about the Catalan leaders.
They have shattered the democratic principles of every state of law and have undermined harmony and coexistence in Catalan society itself, even, unfortunately, dividing it. ... These authorities have scorned the affection and sentiments of solidarity that have united and will unite all Spaniards, ...
From: Full Text Of King Felipe's Statement To Country On Catalan Crisis, The Spain Report, 3 October 2017.

The Original: Mensaje de Su Majestad el Rey, Palacio de La Zarzuela, 3 October 2017.

It is obvious that the messages from the King are from an epoch were the People had no other alternative than to obey the kings as all alternatives were effectively banned.

So, the ongoing crisis in Spain reveals the much bigger and usually hidden crisis of the current Western civilisation as the current Western culture is based on Static ideals that are no longer valid in an increasingly Dynamic world.

This means in practice that if you tries to understand what goes on right now, in Spain and elsewhere, from a perspective of the established traditions like, for example, what is called Right and Left in politics you will not understand anything at all; as you will be stuck in that everyone lies and nothing productive can be achieved.

The Usually Hidden Fundamentals

Observe I have nothing against the tradition of kingdoms.

The problem is that the current Western culture is based on a system of hidden Dictatorship that is called, for example, Democracy; but is in fact a system of to elect Dictators to maintain Static rules.

Real Democracy is a system based on to maintain a Dynamic process in order to continuously improve the Society.

And as the People of the current culture of the West are fooled to not understand Dynamic processes in a concrete manner are Static rules and Dictatorship the only possible concrete reality.

This way of to guarantee the rules of Dictatorship by keeping the People stupid is formally called Platonism.

One of the core principles of Platonism is that the Ruler defines the only possible perspective of Life and the World and this principle is formally called the Divine rights of kings.

Or like this. The Ruler has the absolute monopoly of to define what is said to be the, so called, Objective perspective.

In a formal manner is the perspective of the Ruler the Positive position in a Dualistic system. Whereas the perspective of the People is the Negative position.

And the very idea of the Dualistic system is to break up Dynamic relations by to transform them to the Static positions of Positive and Negative.

This method to break up Dynamic possibilities is called Moral and is usually said to make the difference between what is Right and Wrong.

And to decide what is Right and Wrong is of course the privilege of the Ruler.

About The Demands of the King

Platonism means that the king of Spain has the formal right to define, for example, the concepts Democracy and Loyalty.

And at the same time says, of course, the People in Catalonia that fight for independence that they must be able to define what Democracy and Loyalty means.

Here it must be observed that Platonism includes to fool the People that fundamental concepts cannot be defined or understood in a concrete manner; so the People are forced to live in confusion and can be easily manipulated.

So, as long as this confusion, of perspectives, exists the confusion in real life will continue and violence is accordingly the real Ruler.

The only productive or reasonable solution is to officially dissolve the stupidity of Platonism; a worldview that was created by the military Dictatorship of the Roman empire to secure that the People are restricted to Accept how it is and Obey.


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And the earlier Post: The State Violence Against Citizens in Catalonia Demonstrates the Current Western Worldview – or Platonism – In Action, 2 October 2017.

02 October 2017

The State Violence Against Citizens in Catalonia Demonstrates the Current Western Worldview – or Platonism – In Action

Here is a very good reportage by Jonathan Rugman.

The Catalan independence referendum 2017 demonstrates many things, for example, the ongoing break up of the ideal of the Divine rights of Rulers or Kings to that this Divine right can only be defended by violence.

Or like this.

When Franco died in 1975 was Spain liberated from an almost Open Theocracy.

And now the Catalans in Spain appears to liberate themselves from the almost hidden Theocracy demanded by the national state of Spain.

And then will hopefully the Catalans and others realise the necessity to completely liberate themselves from the terror of Hidden Religious dogmas or Platonism altogether.

And Do not miss this!

Why Secede? What’s so important about having your own country? BBC Newshour Extra, 30 September 2017

Information and Podcast

Secede means "to leave one's companions"

What they actually discuss – even if this perspective is hidden – is the validity of the Divine rights of Rulers.

Discussion leader

Owen Bennett Jones


Margaret MacMillan, professor of international history at Oxford University

Elizabeth Ohene, Ghanaian politician and journalist

Neal Ascherson, writer and historian of nationalism

James Irving, lecturer on self-determination at the London School of Economics

Especially interesting is that the team behind Newshour Extra suddenly (?) are open to not automatically accept the Dive rights that they one week earlier proclaimed was the only possible truth, see the earlier post; BBC and the Academic Cult Demand You to Replace Understanding with Faith.