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01 November 2017

The Guardian Demands Officially that the People Must be Ruled by Mysticism

The major news media The Guardian has in

The Guardian view on the Reformation: justification through faith, Editorial, 30 October 2017,

made an official commitment to that the citizens must be commanded and controlled by the dogmas of the Church.

But of course, few reads the Editorials, even fewer knows that an Editorial is the official perspective of a newspaper.

And the message, that Mysticism must rule, is probably only clear cut to them that knows that the dogmas of the Church are based on to eliminate concrete or systematic knowledge of Dynamic relations.

And on top of it all are these dogmas the utterly false core of what today is called Science.

However, even without this knowledge it is impossible to not get the terror message of The Guardian.

The central stupidity of the editorial is at the end and is formulated as follows.
… progress does not proceed by rational means … Beliefs about the ultimate purpose and goods of human life, whether these are religious or secular, cannot be proven empirically.
So, The Guardian demands that human progress must be defined as Beliefs. This means, in practice, that any alternative to what the political élite demands must be Mystical and impossible to achieve.

Here is a larger section of this Editorial that begins with that The Guardian laments the loss of the importance of Theology.
… “Theology” has become a term of abuse.

This is a great loss. For one of the things that the Reformation, which may have given us the idea of progress, makes clear, is that progress does not proceed by rational means. Technology, politics, and economics all shaped its course, but none can entirely explain its impulse. As Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch has argued, the actions of the reformers and their enemies were determined by their theological beliefs. Beliefs about the ultimate purpose and goods of human life, whether these are religious or secular, cannot be proven empirically. They demand commitment where no proof is possible. We may shrink from the dangers of such commitment, but we will accomplish very little without its power.
In the text there is a link to Diarmaid MacCulloch's book The Reformation: A History.

That major news media in practice forces the readers to a Mystical worldview is probably the best illustration of the current Western total terror; where absolutely nothing can be discussed for Real; as the only Real is the demands Accept and Obey.

And of course, this terror includes that the Mystical worldview is usually denied and cannot be openly confronted.

Accordingly it is excellent that The Guardian now has taken the huge, brave and essential step to openly declare that everything in The Guardian is based on Mysticism; a Mysticism that can only have one purpose and that is to promote Worship of Authority in order to deny real Democracy and real Science.

That The Guardian demands Worship of Authority in the Dimension of Art is captured in The Guardian Launch a Neo-Stalinist Art Theory, Väggen försvinner/ The Wall Disappears.


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