Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

06 May 2017

What's Wrong with Science? – Propaganda Galore – Learn How they Hide the Static Religious Dogmas to Fool you to Trust the Academic Cult


In my book This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind, Chapter 7. The Main Evidence – Today's So Called Science Is Based On The Dogmas Of The Church In Order To Guarantee Might Is Right, I demonstrate how and why so called Science is brainwashing instrument in the current Western culture.

The Academic cult has an ongoing project to blame everything and anyone else than the undeniable fact that they follow usually hidden rules of the Church.

A part of this propaganda campaign is to blame specific members of their own cult or the management of how the dogmas of the Church are maintained; in order to protect the dogmas and the cult itself.

This propaganda is, for example, called the Replication crisis and Publication bias.

Propaganda Galore

What's Wrong with Science?, BBC Newshour Extra, 5 May 2017, Podcast and presentation, is a 50 minutes long profound education on how they try to trick you to believe in what they say is Science.

Please observe, I don't think that the producers or the participants are aware of that they protect dogmas of the Church; they are true believers. So, the Static rules and the mystical explanations are the true reality for them.

The general theme or the main strategy, is of course to try to hide the core, that so called Science in Platonism or the current Western culture has the purpose to provide a platform or arguments for the Static demands of the Ruler, according to the dogmas of the Church.

The main tactics that have been used for centuries is to pretend that Science is about to understand Life and the World.

Or like this. The Academics, the followers of Plato, pretend that we live in a world that is based on the Athenian ideal of Understanding is right; that was eliminated by the ideals of Plato, the Romans and the Church.

That the people are forced to, for example, live in constant Fear or Angst and easily becomes the victims of drug addiction and suicide by the hidden dogmas of the Church or the rule of Hidden Might is Right; does simply not exist in this propaganda universe.

When you are aware of that the propaganda tries to hide that Science in Platonism or in the current Western culture is a tool to suppress and exploit by to pretend that Science is an area of to understand Life and the World it is easy to expose the propaganda.

So, this BBC show is a perfect lesson in how the Academic cult tries to fool the people.

The gap is evident as both the presenters in the beginning and the participants later on jump between that the people must trust Science and that it is essential that Science is founded on to doubt or Skepticism/Scepticism. Try to combine these relations; according to the current ideals of Static Logic!

This gap can of course not be solved in Platonism; and that is the real problem and the real background to What's Wrong with Science?

As long as the political élite protects the Academic cult and the stupid tradition of Platonism can this – the real problem – not be addressed in public or officially.

Already in the beginning (4:20) says, for example, one of the participants, Kirstie Whitaker, the following.
The main point I want to make is; that there is nothing wrong with Science. Science is great! The idea of coming up an Idea, thinking up a sensible way to test that idea, testing it and then concluding something about the evidence you have gathered. That’s great. That is completely fine. What I think is that many of us agree on is the incentive structure the funding structure that chooses which of those experiments that gets the attention.
Of course, there is not a trace of that this description of Science cannot be justified by any formal descriptions of what is said to be Science in the current Western culture.

For example, try to describe or define “coming up with an idea” in the current Western culture and you make a complete fool of yourself.

Enjoy your daily propaganda!

This post will be updated later on with many more perfect propaganda lines of this BBC show.


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