Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

16 September 2020

New Version of Get Out! – The Big Fix Version

This version is mostly a big fix to present it all in a more efficient way.

There are also stuff from the earlier teaser version of Section Three as, for example; The Hoax “Democratic Values”.

And there is a new presentation of Fundamental Concepts and their Relations in chapter 6. The Basic Static and Dynamic Relations.

To Get Out!

05 September 2020

The Simple and Dreadful Facts about Rousseau’s book The Social Contract – A New Chapter in Get Out!

Update 6 September 2020: Made minor corrections of the language.


We Westerners are trained by the ruling élite or the Academic cult, Massmedia and the Politicians, to take for granted that The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778) is somehow very good and are in some ways essential for some kind of very vital agreement between the citizen's and the political élite.

But, you can usually never formulate anything concrete about these relations.

Because The Social Contract is a scam to transfer the dogmas of the Church to what appears to be rules of the Nature that has nothing to do with the Church.

Or like this. Rousseau’s book The Social Contract is hopefully the last version of Platonism.

What is extremely valuable is that The Social Contract is written as an instruction to help the ruling élite to use Platonism to suppress and exploit the citizens.

Accordingly it is possible to use Rousseau’s formulations to reverse this sadistic intention to Dissolve Platonism or the present Western culture of total terror.

Here is one of Rousseau’s justifications, in The Social Contract, of the demand that the citizen must obey religious dogmas; as these rules are made to appear to be “far above the range of the common herd”.

Here is a bit more.

This sublime reason, far above the range of the common herd, is that whose decisions the legislator puts into the mouth of the immortals, in order to constrain by divine authority those whom human prudence could not move.

Book II, 7. The Legislator

To comprehend the construction of The Social Contract as well as the general idea of Platonism it is helpful to explore Rousseau’s arguments and definitions as a Vicious Circle.


The new chapter is called:

12. The Social Contract is the Real 1984 as this System – Called Science – Demands that your Reason is the Demands of the State

To Get Out!

And Section Three has a new title. At the moment there is only the front page. The first chapters will hopefully be published during September 2020.

26 August 2020

Oscar Wilde Explains It All – Seriously

I have not published anything for a while as I work on a larger and complex chapter that is the final huge topic that is needed to Dissolve Platonism or the present Western terror culture.

Hopefully I will be able to publish this stuff within a week or so.

Until then there is an opportunity to read and reflect on some fabulous formulations by Oscar Wilde (1854–1900) that needs concentration to be fully apprenticed.

They are under this headline,

Oscar Wilde Explains the Dynamic Athenian Culture and HOW the Static Restrictions of the Present Roman Culture is Achieved with the Dualistic Principle of Morality,

in Get Out!, page 217, as an explanation of the trick Dualism in chapter 12. The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms.

To Get Out!

26 June 2020

New Stuff - Learn by Sigmund Freud How to Scientifically Dissolve Psychology as well as the Present Western Culture with One Sentence

New material in Get Out!

Read the highly interesting quote by Sigmund Freud in chapter 11 (Page 201).

And Hierarchy is the first installment of The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms in the new chapter 12.

There are also these intros to The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms.

- The Totalitarian Effects of the Present Static Western Culture are Explained by the Usually Hidden Specific Rules and the Hidden Context

- Two Examples of The Overarching Functions of The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms

- The Fallacy of Static Life

- The Distinct Definition of The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms

06 June 2020

No Twitter at the Moment

My Twitter account is suspended - they demand a telephone number - I have no such number;) Perhaps they will answer my questions.

We are Trapped by Hidden Dogmas of the Church – A Letter to the EU (Ursula von der Leyen) and the USA (Nancy Pelosi) – Part One

A Letter to:

The President of the European Commission,
Ms Ursula von der Leyen


The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Ms Nancy Pelosi

This letter as a pdf-file, opens in a new window

Sent Tweets
- Ursula von der Leyen
- Nancy Pelosi

From: Ola Alexander Frisk,
citizen of the Kingdom of Sweden

6 June 2020

Dear, President von der Leyen and
Speaker Nancy Pelosi,

Hidden Dogmas of the Church – Presented as Science – Fool the Citizens to be Addicted to Sadistic Violence as well as to Open or Hidden Dictatorships or False Demo­cracies – Part One

I am aware of that you as well as most other Western­ers do not know anything about the man-made restric­tions of the current Western culture.

Consequently is this first letter written to inform you about the usually Hidden facts; relations that are rather simple to validate.

And fur sure, I will be delighted to answer your questions.
Later this year I will get back to you with more specifications.

Here is a summary of the present situation.

The political élite of the West and their massmedia protects unknowingly or not – Hidden dogmas – of the Church that is said to be Science in order to suppress and exploit the citizens. Accordingly it is impossible with, for example, true Democracy as well as true Science.

Here are at first three sections with parts from the first chapter in Get Out!: A Short Presentation of Platonism that is the Hidden Worldview of the Current Western Culture.

• The Two Questions,

• Intro to The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms that the Westerners are Fooled to Believe are the Laws of the Nature,

• An example of the Hidden use of Violence: Medical Violence – The Citizens are Sedated with Drugs to Guarantee the Totalitarian Culture

and then follows

• The Demand that is also a chapter in Get Out!

The Two Questions

Different Forms of Violence Replace Thinking in the Present Western Culture

The most acute question I know of is for sure.

Why are the Westerners Addicted
to Sadistic Violence?

But it is not enough to ask this question as the Western addiction to, glorification of or captivation by Violence is just a result of a much more powerful relation.

The usually Hidden relation is that the present Western culture is founded on to eliminate concrete Thinking to reach Understanding in order to guarantee that the citizens are restricted to Conformity and Obedience or to Accept, Obey and Worship.

One of the main effects is that to Think to reach Understanding is replaced by to instantly defend, for instance, established ideals, traditions and ideas by silencing, threatening, injuring or killing.

This means that to be able to grasp and Dissolve the current addiction to Violence it is needed to grasp and Dissolve the current Western culture.

During my work to express this question, in May and June 2020, exploded the protests against that George Floydyet another unarmed African-American man –  was killed during an arrest in the USA. The following headline is a good formulation of the com­mon and ritual spiral of viol­ence: We saw it with our own eyes: Trump wants to go to war against America, Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post, 2 June 2020.

The Current Western Worldview is Made to Trick the Citizens to Love Dictators

There is only one – one – interesting question in the present Western culture as this inquiry opens up to all vital relations. And this question is:

Why are the Westerners Addicted to Open or
Hidden Dictatorships or False Democracies?

The answer is – one more time – that the citizens are trained in a Hidden way to take for granted that they must be restricted to Obedience and Conformity or to Accept, Obey and Worship.

Or like this. The people are trained to believe that it is according to the Nature or to Science that they should not be able to create alternatives to the demands of the Emperor or the ruling élite.

Or like this. The Westerners are trained to take for granted that only what the Emperor or the political élite demand is real, valid or true and everything else
must be wiped out. This relation is of course the usually Hidden relation between Violence and the ideal of Dictatorships in the West.

The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms that the Westerners are Fooled to Believe are the Laws of the Nature

The fundamental rules or ideals that guarantee the rule of Open or Hidden Dictatorships or Totalitari­anism is in the present Western culture made to appear to be the laws of the Nature.

The intention is indeed to achieve the illusion that the tyranny of Dictators or to submit to Totalitarianism is concealed by to appear to be the Nature itself.

The established names of these fundamental rules are Logic, Dualism and Hierarchy. I call them and some other integrated rules for The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms.

The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms are constructed and maintained to guarantee that the citizens takes it for granted that it is impossible to Crete alternatives to the demands of the ruling élite.

Medical Violence – The Citizens are Sedated with Drugs to Guarantee the Totalitarian Culture

A vital aspect of the present Western culture of Hidden Totalitarianism is that strong evidences regarding mistreatment of vulnerable citizens presen­ted by Robert Whitaker and others; are routinely rejec­ted by the official organisations that are governed by the political élite.

Whitaker demonstrates that the so called treatment of mental sickness is usually about Hiding the symptoms with powerful sedatives.

Whitaker presents the hard facts in his bestseller Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America (2010). The most condensed message by Whitaker is perhaps the following.
… A review of the scientific literature shows quite clearly that it is our drug-based paradigm of care that is fueling this modem-day plague. …

Whitaker; Anatomy of an Epidemic: Psychiatric Drugs and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Ill­ness in America, Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, 2005, 7(1): 23–35.

The Demand

To the Governments of the West, the European Union, as well as to the political class that forces Us – the citizens – to submit to Logic, Dualism and Hierarchy.

So, what is it all about?

As the current custom Hides the concrete meaning is here the simple truth. Logic, Dualism and Hierarchy are tricks to Brainwash the citizens to Accept and Obey the demands of the political élite.

In short, concrete Thinking to reach Understanding is erased and replaced with Religious Violence that forces the victims to total Obedience and Conformity with the tools of terror Logic, Dualism and Hierarchy.

Accordingly are the citizens fooled to desire Totalitari­anism or Hidden and Open Dictatorships.

Ergo, we demand that you at once;

Outlaw and Dissolve the Academic tradition – The Academic Cult – that base all their teach­ings on these sadistic tricks and Launch a new organisation for Education, Science and Art.

Until this straight demand to build the society on true Democracy, true Science and true Art is met will we not participate in the society in any way.

Of course it will take time to achieve a Western culture that is free from the Hidden Totalitarian ideals of the Academic cult. But it is essential to begin the process.

At the moment it is unfortunately pointless to try to collect signatures as too many are probably too afraid to show their meaning in public.

Yours Sincerely,

Ola Alexander Frisk

P. S.

I do recommend you to read Get Out! – Help to Dissolve Logic, Dualism and the Hierarchic order or The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms that You are Tricked to Believe are the Laws of the Nature.

05 May 2020

Dear, President Macron Please Support – The Demand – and Liberate us from Hidden Religious Dogmas so we can Launch the First True Western Renaissance

A Letter to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

The Demand

Tweet, Direct @EmmanuelMacron, 5 May 2020


Your letter to the citizens For European renewal, 4 March 2019, is very good indeed as you say, for example.

Progress and freedom are about being able to live from your work: Europe needs to look ahead to create jobs. ...

Freedom, protection and progress. We need to build European renewal on these pillars. ...

But there is one gigantic snag.

All Westerners are trained to not observe the massive obstacle that erases your intention.

A fast explanation is that it is not enough to close the prestigious civil service education Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA); because it is the usually Hidden, Static and Religious perspective of the Academic tradition – that controls all Education in the West  – that is the huge problem.

(What is ENA and why does Macron want to 'abolish' France's most elite university?, AFP/The Local, 25 April 2019.)

The First True Western Renaissance is all about to discover the Dynamic Athenian culture – true Science, true Art and true Democracy – that was wiped out by the Static ideals of the Military Dictatorship of the Roman Empire.

The Athenian culture was wiped out by a toxic mix of religion, philosophy and politics that is called Platonism.

It all means that the Westerners are forced to submit to Hidden Obedience and Conformity by the use of the concepts Logic, Dualism and Hierarchy or The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms.

We need to be Liberated from The Basic Totalitarian Thought Forms.

And hopefully you cannot resist to be called Macron the Liberator;)

Here are my latest specifications.

- Get Out! – Section Zero

- Get Out Promos

- The Demand


Ola Alexander Frisk


Check these earlier posts where the usually Hidden relations are Openly explored.

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28 December 2017

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