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13 April 2017

The Fearless Girl Gets Really Interesting Some Levels Up: The Animal Spirit In Dissolution

What was beautiful before 2017 is not the same as what is beautiful in 2017.

The statue Fearless Girl (2017) by Kristen Visbal in relation to the statue Charging Bull (1989) by Arturo Di Modica and the ongoing story about it all are extraordinarily interesting some levels up.

It all can be boiled down to: Humans against the Animal Spirit. Or today it is not enough to be bullish.

The formulated objective with the statue Fearless Girl was from the beginning to highlight the lack of so called Diversity.

Read slowly the following answer from the art activist Ron O’Hanley, State Street Corporation from, The Backstory Behind Wall Street's 'Fearless Girl' Statue, Bethany McLean, The Atlantic, 13 Mars 2017.
Bethany McLean: What was the genesis of Fearless Girl?

Ron O’Hanley: ... Since we are a predominantly passive investor, we don’t have the ability not to own a company, so we spend a lot of time on measures like diversity and effective, strong board governance. That includes diversity of thought and gender diversity. What has been frustrating is that there is a growing body of evidence that creating diverse boards does result in better outcomes. ...
One more time: "That includes diversity of thought and gender diversity."

But, if you try to define what Diversity is about in the current Western culture, you will get absolutely nowhere.

The current Western culture is simply based on to eliminate concrete Dynamic relations in order to force the people to an illusion of a Static world; where the people are doomed to accept how it is and obey.

It is also so that the formal definitions of the Church and the Academic tradition regarding human activity is, even if it is usually hidden, the Animal Spirit; in order to block out concrete definitions of Dynamic relations.

Accordingly, the statue Fearless Girl and the relations to the statue of Charging Bull and the ongoing story are, some levels up, hopefully all about that a growing majority of the people is finally fed up with to be restricted by the Static dogmas of the Church and the Academic cult; that force the people to live in a Static and Hierarchic, or top down, society.

And here is a nice reminder of what the message of the Animal Spirit is all about; to force the people to not understand in concrete manner how to cooperate by to fool them that they can only use violence and to kill to achieve anything.

In practice this means that to do business is the same as
... rip out their hearts and eat it before they die …

as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the former financial services company Lehman Brothers Dick Fuld said in 2007. Then something happened.

Much more about The Animal Spirit in chapter 15. The Bankers And The Naked Rambler Exposes The Illusion, that begins at page 141, in the current version of This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind.

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