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11 September 2016

The new film about Snowden highlight the TWO separate forms patriotism

Today I got a perfect intro to one of the new chapters I work on.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt that plays the title role in Snowden (2016), directed by Oliver Stone, says this about the film.
It shows two different kinds of patriotism - there's the one where you're allegiant to your country no matter what. You don't ask any questions.

But there's another kind of patriotism that is what I really wanted to show.

The kind that he grows into over the course of the nine years we see in this story, where he does ask questions.
From Toronto 2016: Snowden explores 'secret underworld' says Oliver Stone , Tim Masters, BBC, 10 September 2016.

Or like this. Patriotism is defined by Merriam-Webster as “love for or devotion to one's country” can in fact only be interpreted in the current Western culture as to obey your superiors.

And of course, therefore is it today – in the ongoing breakdown of the established Static ideals – extremely essential to underline that there are TWO different forms of patriotism; not one.

Perhaps it is a good idea to not use the word patriotism at all as it includes the Latin word "pater" that means father and directly refers to the idea of a hierarchical, top down, society.

See also earlier post: Homeland Teaches You – To Be Obedient – To Fear the Political Elite, 23 October 2013.


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