Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

03 June 2017

Robert Pirsig – Obituaries

Under the headline Zen And The Art Of Driving A Motorcycle Into The Wall, page 239 in the current version, I write about Pirisig's masterpiece, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values (1974), that I also quote extensively.

Here are three obituaries with somewhat different and interesting details.

Robert Pirsig obituary, Michael Carlson, The Guardian, 25 April 2017.

Robert M. Pirsig, Author of ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,’ Dies at 88, Paul Vitello, The New York Times, 24 April 2017.

-  Archives: 1975, Novelistic autobiography, autobiographical novel? No matter, Edward Abbey, The New York Times, 30 March 1975.

Robert Pirsig dies at 88; wrote counterculture classic 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance', Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times, 24 April 2017.

06 May 2017

What's Wrong with Science? – Propaganda Galore – Learn How they Hide the Static Religious Dogmas to Fool you to Trust the Academic Cult


In my book This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind, Chapter 7. The Main Evidence – Today's So Called Science Is Based On The Dogmas Of The Church In Order To Guarantee Might Is Right, I demonstrate how and why so called Science is brainwashing instrument in the current Western culture.

The Academic cult has an ongoing project to blame everything and anyone else than the undeniable fact that they follow usually hidden rules of the Church.

A part of this propaganda campaign is to blame specific members of their own cult or the management of how the dogmas of the Church are maintained; in order to protect the dogmas and the cult itself.

This propaganda is, for example, called the Replication crisis and Publication bias.

Propaganda Galore

What's Wrong with Science?, BBC Newshour Extra, 5 May 2017, Podcast and presentation, is a 50 minutes long profound education on how they try to trick you to believe in what they say is Science.

Please observe, I don't think that the producers or the participants are aware of that they protect dogmas of the Church; they are true believers. So, the Static rules and the mystical explanations are the true reality for them.

The general theme or the main strategy, is of course to try to hide the core, that so called Science in Platonism or the current Western culture has the purpose to provide a platform or arguments for the Static demands of the Ruler, according to the dogmas of the Church.

The main tactics that have been used for centuries is to pretend that Science is about to understand Life and the World.

Or like this. The Academics, the followers of Plato, pretend that we live in a world that is based on the Athenian ideal of Understanding is right; that was eliminated by the ideals of Plato, the Romans and the Church.

That the people are forced to, for example, live in constant Fear or Angst and easily becomes the victims of drug addiction and suicide by the hidden dogmas of the Church or the rule of Hidden Might is Right; does simply not exist in this propaganda universe.

When you are aware of that the propaganda tries to hide that Science in Platonism or in the current Western culture is a tool to suppress and exploit by to pretend that Science is an area of to understand Life and the World it is easy to expose the propaganda.

So, this BBC show is a perfect lesson in how the Academic cult tries to fool the people.

The gap is evident as both the presenters in the beginning and the participants later on jump between that the people must trust Science and that it is essential that Science is founded on to doubt or Skepticism/Scepticism. Try to combine these relations; according to the current ideals of Static Logic!

This gap can of course not be solved in Platonism; and that is the real problem and the real background to What's Wrong with Science?

As long as the political élite protects the Academic cult and the stupid tradition of Platonism can this – the real problem – not be addressed in public or officially.

Already in the beginning (4:20) says, for example, one of the participants, Kirstie Whitaker, the following.
The main point I want to make is; that there is nothing wrong with Science. Science is great! The idea of coming up an Idea, thinking up a sensible way to test that idea, testing it and then concluding something about the evidence you have gathered. That’s great. That is completely fine. What I think is that many of us agree on is the incentive structure the funding structure that chooses which of those experiments that gets the attention.
Of course, there is not a trace of that this description of Science cannot be justified by any formal descriptions of what is said to be Science in the current Western culture.

For example, try to describe or define “coming up with an idea” in the current Western culture and you make a complete fool of yourself.

Enjoy your daily propaganda!

This post will be updated later on with many more perfect propaganda lines of this BBC show.

30 April 2017

Open Letter to The Editorial Board of Los Angeles Times

Open Letter to Editors No. 1.

Of course, this posting is addressed to all Westerners. By to addressing a particular recipient becomes the overall message clear.



You have invested lots of efforts, money and time into your massive investigation of Trump’s Authoritarian ideals in your project The Problem with Trump – A series of Times editorials, written by The Times Editorial Board, that contains of the following parts published 2 - 7 April 2017.

Why we took a stand on Trump

I. Our Dishonest President
II. Why Trump Lies
III. Trump's Authoritarian Vision
IV. Trump's War on Journalism
V. Conspiracy Theorist in Chief
VI. California Fights Back

I write to you as it is impossible to not get that you dislike the very idea of Authoritarianism and to underline the somewhat strange fact that you do NOT ask the fundamental question: How can it be possible to attract people/voters with Authoritarian solutions?

Or like this. You did NOT write: Why we took a stand on Authoritarianism.

And here it becomes not only interesting but also rewarding.

At least, rewarding for anyone that are ready to understand how it is possible with Authoritarian ideals as everyone says that they only accept Freedom, Democracy and Science and so on.

The simple and undeniable fact is that the people of the West are tricked to be stuck in the ideals of the military Dictatorship of the Roman empire by a method formally called Platonism.

The inner workings of Platonism are based on to make any Dynamic relation mystical; so only Static relations appear to be Real or Concrete.

Accordingly, it is possible to talk about a non-concrete or mystical Freedom and at the same time keep the people trapped into to take for granted that the only possible security can be found by to accept how it is and to obey.

If you are interested to find out more about the functions and history about Platonism in my book: This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind “Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people – or like this – we are not genuine citizens.”

Perhaps is the fastest intro the first pages in the booklet:

The Ghost of Dictatorship – The Owner of the Current Western Culture Presented by Adolf Hitler and George Orwell – or – Open and Hidden Platonism in the Aspects of Politics.

For sure, it is a big fat taboo to openly talk about how the people are tricked to be unable to understand. Therefore, I write this open letter to you as the first in a series that will be addressed to editors of news media in the West.

Currently the news media in the West base their activities on to maintain lies to the people – lies that that suppress and exploit. And then on top of it all there is the propaganda about that the journalists are the main protectors of the Free word, the guardians of Democracy and so on. It is quite annoying.

Most citizens of the West suspect that they are tricked. Accordingly it cannot be so difficult to begin the second phase; to help the people to grasp HOW they are tricked.

Or like this. The Counterculture that began in the 1960s as a movement not limited to the literature of the Beat Generation and the ongoing Digital revolution are activities that tries to break free from Static restrictions that appears to be impossible to grasp. And these movements are connected to California.

So, when the citizens of the West and perhaps especially Californians, that so to speak are culturally prepared; discover that the Static restrictions are man made and are easy to dissolve by more and better thinking. Then will the real change start; a revolution that is all about to discover how we are able to understand.

To begin it is in fact enough to get that there is a political gain in the current Static culture to make our capacity called Imagination mystical and useless.

Or like this, try to write code for the upcoming Quantum Internet, based on Qubits, when you are restricted to Yes and No.

So, how about a project that says: Why we take a stand on The Hidden Ideals of Authoritarianism?

Yours sincerely,

Ola Alexander Frisk



28 April 2017

Don't Miss A Master Class In Propaganda By Cass Sunstein

At first some words by one of the true masters.

Joseph Goebbels (1897–1945) says the following in Nuremberg 1934.
... A good propaganda will always come along that serves a good cause. But propaganda is still necessary if a good cause is to succeed. A good idea does not win simply because it is good. It must be presented properly if it is to win. The combination makes for the best propaganda. Such propaganda is successful without being obnoxious. It depends on its nature, not its methods. It works without being noticed. Its goals are inherent in its nature. Since it is almost invisible, it is effective and powerful. ...
One more time.
... It works without being noticed. Its goals are inherent in its nature. Since it is almost invisible, it is effective and powerful. ...

Cass Sunstein's perspective and formulations are absolutely perfect if you really want to understand how the established elite promote the current Western culture.

One common and effective method is to find scapegoats or consequences of the restricted current Western worldview, that the people are trained to not be able to identify, and then blame everything on the consequences.

As the people are trained to not understand the relations between Cause, Effect and Context it is believable that there can exist something that just “happens” to be made in such a way so it is restrictive or plain stupid.

Accordingly it is possible to blame whatever for all the problems as there cannot be any concrete questions; or someone that is responsible.

The latest example of Sunstein has the perfect title: Challenge everything you think – democracy depends on it, The Guardian, 27 April 2017.

The fantastic ingress says: “Representative government rests on the shared experiences that online media increasingly filter out”

Sure, blame the ongoing collapse on the online media.

Read his text and admire how perfect propaganda is written. When you read his words; they are almost believable.

Save the established political elite! They do everything they can to help you. They even care for a real Democracy!

And there are lots of very good comments especially by Maharaja Brovinda Singh that takes up the thread about "Representative government".

My comment

25 April 2017

New Chapters / First Pages in the booklet The Ghost of Dictatorship

Easy And Distinct About Platonism

The Ghost of Dictatorship – The Owner of the Current Western Culture Presented by Adolf Hitler and George Orwell – or – Open and Hidden Platonism in the Aspects of Politics

On the page The Ghost of Dictatorship

As most citizens are engaged in Politics offers the political aspect of Platonism the easiest introduction for a general public to grasp the whole worldview of Platonism; as basic concepts and arguments are known to many.

It is also so that I earlier in the book This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind have written about the history and demonstrated the basic functions of Platonism from other aspects; so it's easy to find more references.

Furthermore is the Political dimension of Platonism here explored by using well known metaphors, concepts as well as examples by famous politicians and authors.

All told, I am quite confident that readers without previous knowledge will enjoy this presentation. Therefore are these chapters also in a stand alone format to present the whole book.

At least at the moment, I plan to make updates almost weekly that usually will be the same as one chapter.

Observe, new chapters will, for a time, be published at first in this booklet.

I plan to make updates almost weekly that usually will be the same as one chapter.

14 April 2017

The celebrated author Robert Harris about Cicero and the Destructiveness of Politics

This post contains probably the final stuff that I need to finish the upcoming chapters that also will be a booklet. So far there is a promo The Ghost of Dictatorship.

So, this intro will be changed later on.

Here is about concrete aspects of our history and the destructiveness of Politics. In the new chapter/booklet will write about why it is like it is.

Of course is Hitler one of the usual and obvious missing links between Cicero and today.

As I write about the importance of to understand Cicero's formulations in chapter 30, in order to grasp the Western world of today, the following is as good as it can be.


An excellent sign of how essential Cicero (106–43 BC) is right now, in the total collapse of the world that he was central to manufacture, is that BBC World Book Club has produced, a discussion with Robert Harris regarding the first of his Roman trilogy, Imperium (2006), that is based on Cicero's life.

The BBC show is available as a podcast was first broadcast 3 April 2017.

Another example of the popularity of Cicero and Harris is that his story will be transformed to the stage; Royal Shakespeare Company to stage Robert Harris's Cicero trilogy, Maev Kennedy, The Guardian, 1 February 2017.

Observe Harris definition of Imperium in the beginning of the podcast. Harris says.
Imperium is the power of life and death as invested by the State in an individual; it is in essential the official power witch was confirmed by the senate and the people of Rome and the magistrate.
Perhaps, as he mumbles a bit here, he says the senate, the people and the magistrate.

The Roman Senate

The Roman Magistrate

The Modern use of the concept Magistrate

Nevertheless, Harris has almost the same definition in the book as a presentation of the content.
… By power I mean official, political power – what we know in Latin as imperium – the power of life and death, as vested by the state in an individual. ...
Google Books
Definition of Vested is according to Merriam-Webster: “fully and unconditionally guaranteed as a legal right, benefit, or privilege”

A conventional definition of Imperium according to Law Dictionary (Black's Law Dictionary) is.
The right to command, which includes the right to employ the force of the state to enforce the laws. This is one of the principal attributes of the power of the executive.
The conventional explanations offer the same relations as Harris definition; but Harris exposes the concrete meaning.

In short. The Roman doctrine or ideal, that also is, the foundations of the current Western culture; is that the State owns the people in order to eliminate the Athenian tradition based on, the opposite relation, that the people owns the State to make it possible for the citizens to improve the State.

Unfortunately, appears Harris at least the at the moment to have the political correct perspective of Cicero; consequently is Harris unable to grasp, that Cicero was one of them that constructed the current Western culture of total terror.

Regardless of my critique it is well spent time to listen to Harris explorations as he strives to be correct regarding the facts he mentions; and especially Harris reflections on how (not why) Cicero is essential today.

In the podcast, Harris answers this question (25:42): "What is the connection between the politics of ancient Rome and the political atmosphere now?"
I think power is something like nuclear energy it is highly destructive to anyone who handles it. It has to be encased in various lead lined boxes and dispersed; otherwise it will burn everything ... and that is a timeless theme. Almost inevitably we see parallels with the Roman world ...
But, it is hard to grasp that someone that has written so much about the area Politics and has for years studied the Romans have not stumbled on the simple fact that it was the Romans that made the area of Politics dangerous and very very, exceedingly stupid.

Perhaps the explanation is here.
… His smile is wry. “In my old age, I find I’m a Burkeian conservative, a believer in the power of institutions. …
From: Robert Harris: ‘MPs should elect the Labour leader as cardinals elect the pope’, Rachel Cooke, The Guardian, 18 September 2016

Perhaps will Harris someday realise that institutions is not the same as the existing institutions.

Some links to stuff that Harris talks about

The Personal life of Cicero

Writings and Speeches of Cicero

Pompey (106–48 BC)

The Renaissance

Plutarch (c. 46–120)

Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans,Wikipedia, Full text

The former French president François Mitterrand (1916–1996) and indifference.
“… Mitterrand, who said the most essential attribute in politics is “indifference”. ...”
François Mitterrand: The great deceiver, Andrew Adonis, New Statesman, 21 November 2013.

Observe, to be indifferent or to not care is can easily be said to be the same as the deadly Sin called Sloth.

Lenin (1870–1924) says in Our Revolution, 16 January 1923, Marxists Internet Archive.
Napoleon, I think, wrote: "On s'engage et puis ... on voit." rendered freely this means: "First engage in a serious battle and then see what happens." Well, we did first engage in a serious battle in October 1917, and then saw such details of development (from the standpoint of world history they were certainly details) as the Brest peace, the New Economic Policy, and so forth. And now there can be no doubt that in the main we have been victorious. ...

Bismarck and Sausages

This quote is according Wikiquote Misattributed with reference to Quote . . . Misquote, Fred R. Shapiro, The New York Times, 21 July 2008.

Wikiquote suggest it was the American poet John Godfrey Saxe (1816–1887) that made the formulation:
Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.

13 April 2017

The Fearless Girl Gets Really Interesting Some Levels Up: The Animal Spirit In Dissolution

What was beautiful before 2017 is not the same as what is beautiful in 2017.

The statue Fearless Girl (2017) by Kristen Visbal in relation to the statue Charging Bull (1989) by Arturo Di Modica and the ongoing story about it all are extraordinarily interesting some levels up.

It all can be boiled down to: Humans against the Animal Spirit. Or today it is not enough to be bullish.

The formulated objective with the statue Fearless Girl was from the beginning to highlight the lack of so called Diversity.

Read slowly the following answer from the art activist Ron O’Hanley, State Street Corporation from, The Backstory Behind Wall Street's 'Fearless Girl' Statue, Bethany McLean, The Atlantic, 13 Mars 2017.
Bethany McLean: What was the genesis of Fearless Girl?

Ron O’Hanley: ... Since we are a predominantly passive investor, we don’t have the ability not to own a company, so we spend a lot of time on measures like diversity and effective, strong board governance. That includes diversity of thought and gender diversity. What has been frustrating is that there is a growing body of evidence that creating diverse boards does result in better outcomes. ...
One more time: "That includes diversity of thought and gender diversity."

But, if you try to define what Diversity is about in the current Western culture, you will get absolutely nowhere.

The current Western culture is simply based on to eliminate concrete Dynamic relations in order to force the people to an illusion of a Static world; where the people are doomed to accept how it is and obey.

It is also so that the formal definitions of the Church and the Academic tradition regarding human activity is, even if it is usually hidden, the Animal Spirit; in order to block out concrete definitions of Dynamic relations.

Accordingly, the statue Fearless Girl and the relations to the statue of Charging Bull and the ongoing story are, some levels up, hopefully all about that a growing majority of the people is finally fed up with to be restricted by the Static dogmas of the Church and the Academic cult; that force the people to live in a Static and Hierarchic, or top down, society.

And here is a nice reminder of what the message of the Animal Spirit is all about; to force the people to not understand in concrete manner how to cooperate by to fool them that they can only use violence and to kill to achieve anything.

In practice this means that to do business is the same as
... rip out their hearts and eat it before they die …

as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the former financial services company Lehman Brothers Dick Fuld said in 2007. Then something happened.

Much more about The Animal Spirit in chapter 15. The Bankers And The Naked Rambler Exposes The Illusion, that begins at page 141, in the current version of This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind.

Some links

Fearless Girl Sends a Powerful Message, State Street Corporation

Search Twitter: #fearlessgirl

Fearless Girl @makemepermanent

07 April 2017

Edward Berneys Perfected The Hidden Obedience

Propaganda can only be useful when the people are trained to be unable to understand the hidden commands.

Accordingly is Propaganda effective in the current Western culture to, for example, engage the victims in war or extermination.

Even if the area of Rhetoric, the art of persuasion, is ancient is the form of Rhetoric that today is called Propaganda a new and a very special form of Rhetoric developed to not only persuade but to direct in a hidden manner.

The man that put together Rhetoric, Platonism and the use of the Massmedia and invented Propaganda as a practical tool was Edward Berneys (1891−1995).

Read his book Propaganda (1928), full text, and you will understand the current Western culture and your life.

Here is the beginning of Chapter I, Organizing Chaos.
The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.
And do watch the eminent documentary The Century of the Self (2002) made by Adam Curtis that tells the story about Edward Berneys in the first section.

Curtis says in, How Freud got under our skin, Tim Adams, The Guardian, 10 March 2002.
… what we are seeing is a kind of pseudo democracy, which listens all too carefully to the population, but not really to its rational thought, and allows itself to be shaped by that. ...
BBC's presentation of The Century of the Self, 28 February 2002.

The Western Personal Relations to Hitler Expressed by Lars von Trier

Like all other real artists in the current Western culture is the main theme of the Danish film creator Lars von Trier Angst; total Angst. Trier knows for sure his topic and he is a master of his art therefore is Trier's aspects of Adolf Hitler essential.

Trier's words are not on the surface. His words are about the identity of the Western culture and the identities of the citizens of the West. Or like this. Trier can use the shield of the artist to formulate what is the forbidden obvious for everyone else.

Accordingly, I hope anyone that thinks anything about the politics or the human condition, in the West, in any aspect to read Lars Attacks!, Chris Heath, GQ, October, 2011. This text is one of the best interviews that has been published ever. Seriously. But wait to go there until you have seen the video below.

The background to the interview is Triers “Cannes press conference incident” in 2011 before the premiere of his film Melancholia. Trier says.
… What can I say? I understand Hitler… I sympath­ize with him… Okay, I'm a Nazi.
And in the interview in GQ.
… I believe a potential of being a Nazi lies in all human beings. ...

Regarding Trier's words, Susanne Bier is a Danish film director.

By the way, there is an English proverb that says.
Many a true word is spoken in jest.
Jest means for example playful.

Also: The current culture of the West is based on that you can only be an obedient soldier as anything else is made mystical

28 March 2017

Carne Ross and the Arise of Dynamic Statecraft

The documentary Accidental Anarchist about Carne Ross and his work as an independent diplomat has been released recently.

Info, CPH:DOX, March 2017

Unfortunately appears his objective be hampered by the use of the default Western perspective, the perspective that is constructed, by the military dictatorship of the Roman empire, and maintained to eliminate what he tries to achieve.

Perhaps, some day in a distant future, will Carne Ross and his friends at the non-profit organisation Independent Diplomat he has founded read This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind.

Nevertheless, the core message of Carne Ross is interesting and essential; even if it can be made more powerful.

It is of course hopeful that it now is possible to almost openly talk about the ongoing collapse of the current Static culture of the West and how to create Dynamic structures for real.



TED-talk, filmed 2009

20 March 2017

New Chapter / You Need this Map To Get Out of Your Zombie Cage

Click for a larger picture

The map and explanations are under the headline The Differences Between 3 And 5 Dimensions, on page 319, in the new chapter:

30. Detailed About How Platonism Knocks Out Concrete Understanding By The Scam Moral, Dualism And False Justice To Force You To Worship Authority

My principal message: To replace concrete Dynamic relations by mystical explanations is the same as to worship Authority and be doomed to a Zombie existence.

The Exceptional Highlight: Cicero – The Military Dictatorship Of The Roman Empire Established The Concept Moral As The Fundamental Instrument To Force The People To Obey.

Here is also The Main Rule Of Platonism

Special Guest Stars

- Niccolò Machiavelli
- Isaiah "False Liberty" Berlin
- John Stuart Mill
- David Hume
- Ludwig "Silent" Wittgenstein
- C. P. "The Two Cultures" Snow
- Adolf Hitler
- Leo Tolstoy
- Winston Churchill

08 January 2017

An Open Letter To The Artist Donald Trump And The Outsider Activist Betsy Devos

Dear President-elect of the United States Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos announced to be nominated to serve as Secretary of Education,


Artist And Outsider Activist

Let's Face It – The Academic Cult Force The People To Restrict Themselves To Accept How It Is And To Obey

The Outer Layer Of The Current Situation

Kick Out The Academic Cult!

Artist And Outsider Activist

In the book Trump: How to Get Rich (2004) Trump says on page 61.
... I view my work as an art form and approach it with the same intensity and ego as any ambitious artist would. ...
I presume this is another way to say that you have discovered the use of real thinking and not to be restricted by how it is or obey existing open or hidden rules in order to achieve a vision that can be improved during the work.

DeVos says on her site.
I’m an activist. I’m a total outsider to elective office and government, but I’m no stranger to the political process. A citizen volunteer, I have served in local, state, and national offices.
And you both praise the entrepreneur in many ways.

Unfortunately the teachings of the Academic tradition, that has an absolute monopoly of what is said to be Education and Science, is based on to mystify our capacity to Create, Think and Understand in order to force the people to only be able to accept how it is and to obey.

According to the real roots of our civilisation formulated by the ancient Athenians, is Art about what we are able to do and think; and therefore is Art made to be mystical to fit the Academic ideal to make and keep the people stupid.

It is very easy to prove and demonstrate the total terror of the Academic cult by historic facts; this is what I do in my book This Is How The State Fucks Your Mind.

All told, the Academic cult actively denies the concrete functions of both Artists and Activists.

The formal name of this stupidity is Platonism.

And of course, the established political elite and the massmedia support the total stupidity.

This means there is a total ban – called Freedom – on to openly criticise the teachings of the Academic cult, Platonism or to expose the brainwashing of the people made by the false Science that result in a false Democracy.

Let's Face It – The Academic Cult Force The People To Restrict Themselves To Accept How It Is And To Obey

It is about time to trash the culture of Platonism that force the people to be stupid zombies that can only accept how it is and obey.

It is helpful to know that Platonism was made into a tool to brainwash the people by the military dictatorship of the Roman empire, in order to hide the rules of Dictatorship.

In practice this means that the definitions of what today is said to be Science follows the dogmas of the Church, specified in 1277.

For example, the concept Normal, that is central to what is called the Science of Psychology, is a direct use of the dogmas of the Church; and has the hidden meaning of to accept how it is and to obey.

And of course, these dogmas have absolutely nothing to do with the messages of Christ or to follow laws and rules that have been established by a real Democracy.

One simple and extremely precise way to describe many complex relations is that the Academic cult eliminates the crucial dialogue between real Religion and real Science by to base their teachings on usually hidden dogmas of the Church; and to pretend that they make a separation between Religion and Science.

The Outer Layer Of The Current Situation

The outer layer of the current situation is perfectly formulated by Carol Quillen in the article Liberal arts education in the Age of Trump, The Washington Post, 30 December 2016.
The anger that helped GOP nominee Donald Trump win the presidency grew out of frustration with technology and a global economy that left a large swath of Americans behind. Their educational experience did not and does not equip them to adapt to rapidly changing workforce needs. A high school diploma used to assure employment opportunities and often a middle-class income. Those days are a distant memory, and the future trend line only falls more steeply. How many jobs will delivery drones and autonomous vehicles eliminate?

Kick Out The Academic Cult!

As long as the Academics are free to create total terror You will not be able to do anything for real.

So, kick out the Academic cult that has made the Western world into a hell hole; as concrete thinking is crushed by Platonism or Hidden Might is Right.

Kick out the Academic cult, and set up a new organisation for real Education and real Science, and you will not only make America great, you will make the West great; by making every citizen to real Artists or Innovators and real Scientists that are free to improve their lives as well as the whole society.

Some of the chapters I have added recently.

26. Virtus Killed Arete Therefore Can You Only Be A Normal Worker And Consumer – Overview Of The Mythological Level

27. The Demand To Be Normal Is A Dogma Of The Church To Guarantee That You Are A Uniform Soldier

28. The Dialogue And The Metaphor Explain Each Others Dynamic Functions – To Get To Know The Hyperdragon Will Release You From The Static Terror

29. Intro To Concrete Understanding Of Dualism And The Slaughterkick

Yours sincerely,

Ola Alexander Frisk