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07 October 2015

Banksy's Dismaland - The Western Confusion Exposed

Short to this post:

Banksy's Dismaland is the best thing that has happened since the end of world war two.

Dismaland is all about the elephant in the room that no one talks about openly in concrete terms: the ongoing collapse of the Western world or the Western tradition.

Banksy talks almost openly – only the camouflage of art that must be mystical in the Western worldview – hide or protect the clear message.

In other words Banksy show that we are trained to accept the lies that must protect the cute terror called Science and Democracy.

To get it it is helpful to know that dismal has, for example, these synonyms gloomy and dark. Banksy also calls Dismaland for an Bemusement Park. And a synonym to bemusement is confusion.

On Reuters site there is a nice sideshow: A trip to Dismaland.

In the local news, in the area of Dismaland, Banksy published a manifesto for the exhibition: Dismaland: In Banksy's own words, The Bristol Post, 21 August 2015. Here are some of Banksy's words.

Bertolt Brecht once said 'Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it'. Which is fine, but what if you're in a hall of mirrors and the giant hammer is made of foam? This is the question raised by Dismaland Bemusement Park.

The fairytale is over, the world is sleepwalking towards climate catastrophe, maybe all that escapism will have to wait.

Here you're encouraged to consider, not just consume, to look, not just spectate and most important of all – beware of uneven floor surfaces.

And of course the massmedia that usually support the total silence and the established traditions are forced to report about Dismaland.


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