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09 May 2012

The best about Here and Now - 2012 - The Foundation

Photo: David Shankbone
Occupy Wall Street September 28, 2011

Here is the best that has been written about Europe right now - so far - and what I know of. Even if it is was written almost one year ago – but nothing has changed since then.

"... The young protesters' demands are modest. They want more citizen involvement, a reform of voting rights and curbs on the power of banks. One of the protest signs reads: "We are not against the system. The system is against us."
... It is also Europe's current state that prompts Frenchmen like Julien Boyer to head out to the Place Bellecour in Lyon every evening at 7 p.m. "The free republic," one of the banners reads. Phrases like "Let's be outraged!" "They're our banks!" and "Democracy 2.0" appear on other banners ...
 ... "One of the old officers said to me: Our revolution was easy. We had one enemy: the Portuguese government and the dictator. But who are you fighting?" ..."

From:  Fighting (for?) Europe - How European Elites Lost a Generation

"The European Union is in bad shape. Not only is the common currency in a shambles and the economies of many member states moribund, but young Europeans no longer see how the EU helps them. Millions of them are taking to the streets to demand a future. By Spiegel Staff" 230611

Read it all:

And more:

Spiegel Interview with Francis Fukuyama 'Where Is the Uprising from the Left?'

”Political scientist Francis Fukuyama was once the darling of American neo-conservatives. In a SPIEGEL interview, the author of "The End of History" explains why he now believes that the excesses of capitalism are a threat to democracy and asks why there is no "Tea Party on the left." 020112

Those Revolting Europeans
Paul Krugman, 060512

”The French are revolting. The Greeks, too. And it’s about time.”

Outrage against Apathy - Occupy Movement Hopes for New Lease on Life

By Wiebke Hollersen, 050312

"The Occupy movement got off to a great start last fall, but living in a tent camp seemed less attractive during the Northern European winter. Now that spring is back, activists are hoping for a protest renaissance. But the loose-knit group still needs to figure out what it actually stands for."

In Sweden they produce strange arguments - to hide the simple fact that the protests are censored - deemed to be political incorrect. For example:
 “Betydelsen av att vara indignerad, I Sydeuropa har proteströrelserna engagerat hundratusentals människor. "Los indignados" kallas rörelsen som enar de som upprörs över hur den ekonomiska utvecklingen drabbar gemene man, samtidigt som demokratin hamnar på undantag när teknokrater tar över rodret. Hedvig Weibull om varför rörelsen hamnat i skymundan i svenska medier”
Sveriges radio, Kulturnytt, 250412


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