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06 December 2017

Dissolve The Matrix – The Movie

Observe, the first cycle of the endless animation will probably be bumpy and slow.

Only the animation (in a new window).

The slightly hypnotic The Matrix Code or the "digital rain" is a very powerful symbol at least among the subculture around The Matrix films that I somehow belong to.

So, hopefully it will be even more powerful to reverse the message.

The base of the concept Matrix is a mould or something that is used in the way moulds are used.

For example, a certain tradition or pattern of how to think is a correct way to use the concept Matrix in its original matrix, form or tradition.

The concept Matrix has a very special meaning in contemporary art that probably began with William Gibson's groundbreaking novel Neuromancer (1984).

Here it is useful to know that Gibson coined the concept Cyberspace, Etymology, Online, Wikipedia.

Read, for example, William Gibson: the man who saw tomorrow, Ed Cumming, The Guardian, 28 July 2014

Here is Gibson's formulation the first time the concept matrix is mentioned in Neuromancer.
… and still he'd see the matrix in his sleep, bright lattices of logic unfolding across the colorless void …
Merriam-Webster's definition of Lattice: "a framework or structure of crossed wood or metal strips". See also Latticework.

And the second time that the Matrix is mentioned in Neuromancer.
… jacked into a custom cyberspace deck that projected his disembodied consciousness into the consensual hallucination that was the matrix. …
Both formulations are on William Gibson's Official Website, the page Neuromancer Excerpt Chapter 1.

All in all. It is hard to not get that Gibson's message is/can be understood as: The Matrix is a metaphor for the current Western culture or the “hallucination” that is formally called Platonism and that appears to be consensual.

Because the illusion of the so called Reality in Platonism is based on the idea that so called Logic or Reason cannot be specified or defined in a concrete or systematic manner.

The desired effect, is of course, that the People are tricked or forced to be restricted to Accept and Obey.

In the upcoming chapters I will present more perfect metaphors of Platonism.

This post is about the most detailed metaphor: The Film and the Book The Society of the Spectacle Exposes HOW You are Tricked

About the film The Matrix (1999) on Väggen försvinner / The Wall Disappears.

And this is, so far, the best presentation of my stuff: The False Democracy is Based on False Science – The minimum requirements to get it.


It has been my dream for years to make an animated gif with a reversed “Matrix Rain”.

However, it is extremely time consuming to produce animations.

Therefore it was a significant moment when I found Jahobr's splendid and copyright free version on the Wikipedia page Matrix digital rain that I have manipulated.

Unfortunately is Jahobr also contact-free. So: Jahobr – Grazie mille!


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