Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

15 October 2016

And now begins the real Brexit - to grasp what the hierarchic rule is all about

Daniel Hannan apparently present his new book by this fascinating article The Norman Conquest was a disaster for England. We should celebrate Naseby, not Hastings, The Telegraph, 14 October 2016.

The Battle of Naseby (1645)

The Battle of Hastings (1066)

The Norman conquest of England

Hannan says.
The Norman Conquest was a cataclysm for the English people. After 1066, ... Castles, until then a rarity, sprang up everywhere. ... these were not defences against a foreign foe, but instruments of internal repression, ... More telling, though, is the political vocabulary introduced under the Normans. Out go witan, folkmoot and folkright. In come fealty and homage, fief and vassal, villein and serf. The progress toward personal liberty, free contract and equal access to the common law was suspended. ...

witan "to know"

folkmoot "a general assembly of the people"

fief, feudal duties


So, when politicians are able to openly criticise at least the outer layer of the established stupidities of to just obey; it gets closer to openly talk about the real core of the terror.


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