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28 April 2017

Don't Miss A Master Class In Propaganda By Cass Sunstein

At first some words by one of the true masters.

Joseph Goebbels (1897–1945) says the following in Nuremberg 1934.
... A good propaganda will always come along that serves a good cause. But propaganda is still necessary if a good cause is to succeed. A good idea does not win simply because it is good. It must be presented properly if it is to win. The combination makes for the best propaganda. Such propaganda is successful without being obnoxious. It depends on its nature, not its methods. It works without being noticed. Its goals are inherent in its nature. Since it is almost invisible, it is effective and powerful. ...
One more time.
... It works without being noticed. Its goals are inherent in its nature. Since it is almost invisible, it is effective and powerful. ...

Cass Sunstein's perspective and formulations are absolutely perfect if you really want to understand how the established elite promote the current Western culture.

One common and effective method is to find scapegoats or consequences of the restricted current Western worldview, that the people are trained to not be able to identify, and then blame everything on the consequences.

As the people are trained to not understand the relations between Cause, Effect and Context it is believable that there can exist something that just “happens” to be made in such a way so it is restrictive or plain stupid.

Accordingly it is possible to blame whatever for all the problems as there cannot be any concrete questions; or someone that is responsible.

The latest example of Sunstein has the perfect title: Challenge everything you think – democracy depends on it, The Guardian, 27 April 2017.

The fantastic ingress says: “Representative government rests on the shared experiences that online media increasingly filter out”

Sure, blame the ongoing collapse on the online media.

Read his text and admire how perfect propaganda is written. When you read his words; they are almost believable.

Save the established political elite! They do everything they can to help you. They even care for a real Democracy!

And there are lots of very good comments especially by Maharaja Brovinda Singh that takes up the thread about "Representative government".

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