Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

19 August 2016

Well, Well Interesting Times Ahead: Read About Putin's Anton Vaino

Nooscope mystery: The strange device of Putin's new man Anton Vaino, Olga Ivshina BBC Russian Service, 19 August 2019 .

Observe the diagram under the headline “Levers of Power” and the formulation “Concept of Truth”.

Anton Vaino

UPDATE 19 August 2016

The Weird Science and New Kremlin Chief of Staff, A bizarre article about “spacial scanners” and “registering the unseen” has been linked to the newly appointed top bureaucrat Anton Vaino, Daria Litvinova, The Moscow Times, 15 August 2016

And in the West the élite try to protect their Static myths and in fact warns for the internet even if they do not do it in the open read for example Does it matter if Google is rewiring our minds? Ask Plato, Steven Poole, The Guardian, 18 August 2016.


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