Gender and racial discrimination, surveillance, exploitation and so forth are only effects. The real problem is – that it is possible to suppress the people by false Science or false descriptions of the world – that supports Might Is Right. Or like this. We are not genuine citizens.

23 February 2018

Hard to make it closer than THIS

Image of original Instagram, 17 February 2018

Art according to original Instagram: German Vinogradov, Facebook

Search Google Images "German Vinogradov" (link may not work on some machines/browsers)

A confused article about the event: Russian 'burning church' art engulfed in controversy, the BBC Blog News from Elsewhere, 19 February 2018


Image of original Tweet, Only the Image, 22 February 2018

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan (b.1960) is known as the art world’s agent provocateur, using what seem to be stunts to address universal themes around the nature of dogma, power and death. ...
From: Collection Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Maurizio Cattelan 25 Sept – 02 Dec 2012, Whitechapel Gallery

Maurizio Cattelan, Wikipedia, Guggenheim

Search Google Images "Maurizio Cattelan" (link may not work on some machines/browsers)


These two recent events highlight that the final step - to openly talk about that our understanding of Life and the World is restricted by hidden religious taboos - is probably immanent.

Because real Art is about to Demonstrate what we not yet are able to define or demonstrate; even if this Dynamic relation cannot be concrete in the current Western culture.

So, when Art highlights, in a striking manner what usually is hidden; is the next step to openly talk about what is on the other side and the restrictions to get there.


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