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05 March 2018

Empty, Dull, Thud – The Academic Art of Dehumanisation – The Terror of Platonism is (Almost) Exposed by the Rosenhan Experiment

Merriam-Webster: "in remission: in a stage during which symptoms are much less severe"

It is helpful to know that remission means literally "forgiveness (of sins)".

The Rosenhan experiment was conducted between 1969 and 1972 by David Rosenhan (1929–2012) that published his results 1973.

The experiment was about to investigate what happens if you at first simulate to be "strange" in front of psychiatrists and then stop to simulate.

One of the results was that is was impossible to get rid of a diagnosis of “insanity”.

Rosenhan's basic question is systematic and can be said to be: What is insanity?

Or according to the first sentence in  Rosenhan's Essay Being Sane in Insane Places (1973).
If sanity and insanity exist, how shall we know them? …
Regrettably did he not ask this question a strict systematic manner as he was a part of the Academic tradition where fundamental questions cannot be asked, or answered, in a strict systematic or concrete manner (as Dynamic relations must be mystical).

And of course Rosenhan's basic question remains unanswered and the idea of "insanity" is still one of the core ideas of the Academic cult that continues to control your life in every aspect.

Here is a recent example.

This secret experiment tricked psychiatrists into diagnosing sane people as having schizophrenia, Nathaniel Morris, The Washington Post, 1 January 2018. Morris writes.
Nearly half a century after its publication, the Rosenhan experiment has left a lasting impression on psychiatry. 
So, it is perhaps time to put the question, What is Insanity?, in a strict systematic manner.

Because then will this concrete question be used to dissolve the Academic cult as well as the current Western culture of total terror; as the answer has of course nothing to do with real Science or to help the individual citizen.

I hope you are ready.

And I do recommend Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason (1961) by Michel Foucault (1926–1984).


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